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Solutions for Forum login issues

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Struggling to login to the forums? You’re in the right place to find a solution!

We’ll run through a few common solutions below, and go through each one step-by-step, I’ve ordered them in priority for you to check, so if you’ve already tried one, just skip it out and move onto the next solution.

1) Login through the game

Your forum account is linked to your in-game account, you will have the same username on the forums as in the game, with the addition of your server in brackets at the end e.g. (GB1), (US1), etc..

You can login to the forums directly from the game, by clicking the forum icon which is found in the menu in the top right corner of your game window:

2) Login using the Forum manual login

You can also login to the forums using your registered email address using the forum login which can be found HERE.

The form looks like this:

Your email address is the one which is registered to your account, if you have recently changed your email address it may not have updated yet, and so you should try logging in with your old email address.

Your password is the one which you use when logging into the game generally, although sometimes if you have changed it, it may be worth checking an old password to see if that works as well.

The Country dropdown is the country which you select when you login to the game by choosing the relevant flag here:

Your ‘World’ is the server which you choose from the list on the right in the screenshot above.

3) Neither of the normal methods above are working…  

Clear your cache… this often solves the login problem, make sure that the time period you clear covers the last time you opened up the forums page, and the game. If you want to find out how to clear your cache, check this post for details.

4) Check you’re logging into the correct game forums!

This is the Empire forums, if you’re looking for another game’s forums, the EN forums can be found here:

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Big Farm

5) Last chance saloon

At this stage, I have a few questions to ask:

Can you login to the game?

If not, and you’ve tried resetting your password by using the ‘Forgot Password’ link in the login form, you should message the support team.

Have you broken the community guidelines?

It could be that some action has been taken against you by the Board Team, and you have been banned/suspended from the forums, in which case you shouldn’t try logging into the forum, or create other accounts in order to do so, as this will mean further action is taken against you. If you could have been suspended, it is worth trying to login again in roughly 7 days.

Have you been banned from the game?

This could be the reason you can’t login - as your account is no longer supported on the game or the forum.

If none of the answers above apply to you, then you should try and contact a moderator away from the forum, and they may be able to send you a password reset for the forums - depending on how nicely you ask!

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