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Why can't we move our PO items

What the heck players, why have we stopped requesting to have this fixed. Been so long we've forgot?

"WE WANT TO MOVE OUR PO ITEMS" we can move sauces, troops, equipment but for some unknown reason we cant move the PO items...why... to hard..to lazy...no CM's willing to say anything ..what...some one please explain to me why we can not or fix this so we can..please! CM's please take note and do something.. s
Clintrich @ usa 1


  • I know it will be useful and everyone wants it (including me) but unfortunately it will not be implemented because you can easily exploit it (say you capture a perfect OP with Top 1 nomad/sams decos and then move it to your main or other OP, it wouldn't be fair)
  • clintrich (US1)clintrich (US1) US1 Posts: 118
    lol...really. Thats a gg excuse or some made up bs from not gonna happen world.
    they can just do like they do already with the tower change of ownership.
    Clintrich @ usa 1
  • clintrich (US1)clintrich (US1) US1 Posts: 118
    point is, they can make it happen all we have do to is work out the payment details, right? B)
    Clintrich @ usa 1
  • The Writer (US1)The Writer (US1) US1 Posts: 220
    actually...no. I would love to have the option to move them, too.....but it can be exploited; hence is why it will never be in the game......:(
    Currently active on: Asia (level 70 LLvl 125)  Co-Leader of "The Pegasus Wolves" alliance
    USA (level 70 LLvl 60) 
    Yes, I LIKE this game. Yes, I'm serious. I will Defend GGE when I feel they are being given unnecessary criticism.
    Yes, I will continue to state my opinions bluntly...
    How about we all work to keep this game alive INSTEAD of calling them to shut it all down with our whining and complaining?

  • ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834
    Already been mentioned by the two people who have posted other than the OP, but it is too exploitable, and won't make it into the game unfortunately...

    It was mentioned as the first question in our Q&A video last month, you can find the video here:
    Support | Community Guidelines | Short Questions | Bugwatch Thread | WebsitePrivate Message

    Check out my website with loads of cool tips about GGE: http://www.ultimategge.co.uk

  • clintrich (US1)clintrich (US1) US1 Posts: 118
    can/would you explain how it is exploitable? KT's had the same issue and you guys fixed that...whats the problem?
    Clintrich @ usa 1
  • clintrich (US1)clintrich (US1) US1 Posts: 118
    So as I view the handy video you made I hear that it is "very complicated with the current design implemintation" and "For now we dont plan on bringing into the game".
    So not exploitable, just hard...geez...what a cop out answer.
    Just tell us we're not worthy and we'll move on.
    I say it's ridiculous that we can't move them within our own castles, if, as one comment stated, could possibly have a loaded op taken and be "Unfair",just kill the equipment within it if a new owner occupies it like you do when a rt is taken.
    is that really unreasonable to ask?  ...Jusayin..
    Clintrich @ usa 1
  • I agree, you should be able to move them around. Exploitable, what a bs answer. GGE does nothing about all the multis etc, cos they spend all the money. If the concern is you load up an op, then give it away, the answer id simple. The same way GGE stopped people giving away tools. if the OP is captured, all the po items go back to the original owner !! it is not fekkin rocket science FFS !!! GGE just too dammed lazy to help. Also what about giving us a blank space it the comm and casta space so we can experiment with different set ups ????
    makale @ au 1
  • Kiwikiler95 (AU1)Kiwikiler95 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 419
    well to stop it from from being exploitable by putting them in OPs and then giving away those OPs why not make it so we can only swap between main and outer realms no one is capping those castles from us either way its still bullshit and a way to swap decos between castles needs to be implemented or at least let us sell some of them allready

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