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Upcoming Events - September 2017

KirilisKirilis Posts: 1,974
Hey warriors,

In September the following events will be available in Empire:

  • Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (31st-5th of September)
  • War of the Bloodcrows (6th-10th of September)
  • Battle of Berimond (6th-10th of September)
  • Samurai Invasion (10th-14th of September)
  • War of the Realms (14th-18th of September))
  • Nomad Invasion & Khan's Revenge (18th-22nd of September)
  • War of the Bloodcrows (22nd-27th of September)
  • Samurai Invasion (27th of September - 1st of October)
In addition to all these events, the Festival of the Lotus King will return as a long term point event from Monday, September 18th, until Saturday, October 14th. But YOU can decide what rewards you will have in the next long term point event. 

Click HERE and vote for the equipment set in the next Festival of the Lotus King.

Best regards,

Your Empire team
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