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August Update - 02/08/2017

BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
edited 31.07.2017 in Update Announcements


  • Starvation during intentional downtimes [LINK]

  • Monthly Content Package - August [LINK]

    • Foreign Invasion Reward Changes

    • New Combo Tools in the Armorer

    • New Research levels

    • New packages in the Equipment Trader

  • Rebalance of the gift peddler [LINK]

  • Reworked castle overview [LINK]

  • Optimized kingdoms and events transfer [LINK]

  • Nations Cup [LINK]

Additional Changes:

Apprentice Blacksmith Removal

  • The apprentice blacksmith will be removed as announced after August, the 18th

    • Please make sure to spend your coins by then

    • The apprentice tokens will still be available in the Nomad Shop until the 18th but will be removed from the Samurai shop.

  • We may offer the old equipment sets via the equipment trader at a later time

  • Gem removal will still be for free for some more time. We will set new prices for gem removal at the end of August in one of the next updates. 


  • Construction items: Barracks - Currently it is possible to use one construction recruitment item for several barracks. These items were not intended to be removed while a recruitment process is ongoing.

  • Hospital - Hospital link in the battle reports is not working correctly

  • Nomad Invasion - Players could not choose which castle to place their decoration in and it appeared in the main castle. We will fix this dialogue.

  • Messages - Players cannot cancel ignored players.

  • Hall of legends - Legendary Skill: "Five-Finger Discount" did not work properly, but we will fix it with this update. 

  • Recruit - Flash error when clicking recruit button after all stacks are filled

  • Hospital - Coins cost for healing units displayed incorrectly

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