Update - Khan’s Revenge issue explained

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Brave warriors,

As recently announced we won’t run the Khan’s Revenge part of the Nomad Invasion event on Empire this time due to a critical bug, which would foster an unfair advantage for some players.

As you know, the Khan’s Revenge mechanic is brand new and because of this, it’s closely observed to make sure it has the intended impact in the game, meaning it will take some optimisations before being perfect.

Due to the decision not to run the event, we’d like to provide you an overview of the current issues we are looking into. You can expect solutions and fixes for them in our upcoming updates.

  • Critical rage attack bug

    • Some players can’t taunt a second Khan attack to their castle while the first one is still on the way, even though they earned enough rage to trigger a second attack. This would unbalance the event progression, since some players are able to run rage attacks as intended, while others can’t.

  • Khan attack medals

    • Several individual factors are used for the medal calculation and we’d like to rework the actual outcome in order to provide a better & more understandable gaming experience.

  • Khan attacks

    • The Khan attacks are quite strong and due to your recent feedback, we’d like to adjust them a bit.

  • Defense tools

    • The effect of defense tools is not visible, even though they’re working. We’ll also rebalance the mechanic in order to make the effect of the tools more visible.

    • Furthermore, the Plunderer's trunks should be used only in the courtyard but worked also on the walls. This behaviour was not intended and will be fixed.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication.

Your Empire Community Team

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  • CM_NazhandielCM_Nazhandiel Posts: 200Community Manager
    Hello warriors,

    We recently encountered a weird display issue in Empire: Four Kingdoms, where only the base value of Khan medals was visible to players after an attack, even though the correct amount was added to the players inventory.

    Unfortunately, the same issue will happen with the next Khan event on Monday in Empire and we'll fix it with an upcoming update.


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