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Hotfix 13/07/2017 | ⌚ 10.00 - 13.00 CET

ilcorsaroilcorsaro Posts: 1,516
edited 12.07.2017 in Update Announcements
Hey everyone,

On Thursday, July the 13th, we will perform a bugfix to correct the following:

  • Recruitment: Flash error when clicking recruit button after all stacks are filled
  • Kingdoms: Send resource - Can't send resources due to FlashError
  • Foreign Invasion: Gem effects of alien castle are not shown in espionage report
  • Foreign Invasion: Misleading text in the battle reports. The text at the bottom right mentions that you can increase your loot by hiring a Marauder, which is not true. The text will be adjusted to make it more clear that these castles don't count into the Marauder bonus anymore.
Additionally, we'll refund the costs of the alliance loot bonus that was removed in last week's update and remove all the upgrades from the current loot bonus. This will give you the chance to invest those resources in the current loot bonus or in other alliance bonuses at your own will.

The bugfix is planned to hit the servers between 10:00 and 13:00 CET.

Best Regards,
Your Empire Team.
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