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Equipment Trader (Camp - Tent) Confusions

So I was browsing the options and looking at the updates made to this tent, and I noticed we can now buy any level GEM we wish. This is totally cool, but something I think is totally disrespectful, dumb, and will deter any amount of sales on any gems are the fact that they are over priced. This is an extreme UNDERSTATEMENT -- A level 10 GEM cost 240,900 Rubies without any discount specials, 
Keep in mind, if I were to buy 240k worth of rubies, it would be $200. US. Because GGE does this "sneaky clever" thing with their ruby deals where they round up and down rubies to the point where you can never buy exactly the amount you need for a 85k bonus, 50k bonus etc. It is always 3-5k over or under, making you, forcing you to purchase another ruby deal and end up with more then the deal is worth..
So that is why I would have to spend $200 to buy exactly 272,000 rubies (no discounts or bonus). 

So lets say in some fantasy world I did that in order to buy a level 10 "Gem of the Hoarder" - Secures a massive 1K resource.. isn't that the same as a hideout?
Definitely worth that $200 for sure,  :/

The main problem is;

The nerve, the audacity, the guts GGE has to.... for lack of better word.. sell this worthless gem for $200 and then tell us that if If we want to now sell that same exact GEM ($200 remember)
they will take it off my hands, they will do the BURDEN of buying it from me for face value of 5,000 gold coins....

5,000 coin! 

The time it takes to click "purchase" - open equip, click the gem and move it to the sell box. 
That gem now devalued it's self over 115 times?
What? did I do my math right? who knows, everything is labeled differently in different areas of the game it makes no sense at all.. 

$27.99 = Gets me 20,000 coins delivered DIRECTLY TO MY MAIN, once a week only though, for 6 weeks!
Coming out to a hauling total of 120,000 gold coins. Holy moly what a deal Billy !!  :o

Quick Recap 

$200 = 5,000 coin
$28 = 120,000 coin - - (Over 6 weeks) : ( 

uh.. GGE LOGIC ill just go with that, it's a lot easier, too many headaches over this I give up...

*mumbles under breathe as I walk away angrily, hands in pocket, kicking rocks, frowning my face*

 INSULT !! to me, to players..
Clearly it isn't done for profit is it...?
So gems are to purchase as cars are to lots.. ?
Cars don't even lose this much value this fast...

*angry mumbling turns to inner thoughts*
 So much time, day night, binge hitting Nomads', Sammie, back to back to back, skips, horns, RVs..
all for nothing, now they have me addicted, and take me for granted, they know the hardcore fans will stay no matter what...
how cruel..
We love the old game not this new one, they hook us, reel us in on fun, competition, strategy, logical gem - equipment, commanders...
Is this Empire kingdom?
April Fools?
Next update go back to the old EMPIRE?

All I ask is for fire damage, and reduce fire gems to once again work side by side for a greater good, instead of on top of one another, tripping over each others feet.. That is not how war is fought in EMPIRE!

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