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New Event Mechanic - Khan's Revenge

Khan's Revenge

Have you heard about nomads? Heck, of course you have, you slaughtered them many, many times in the past! Hehe, good job by the way! But it seems they did not like it, and are preparing for a counter attack.

Experience the nomad invasion differently! With this new event mechanic, you can upset the Khan and his warriors, and make them come for you! Defend the attacks of the fury-burned invaders successfully and obtain great new rewards!

General info

  • The new event mechanic will be available to every player from level 70.

  • Each alliance will get one new Khan camp visible to all the members on the world map.

  • If you don’t have an alliance, you will not see the additional Khan camp. Additionally, you can not see Khan camps belonging to other alliances.

  • The Khan camp will spawn near the alliance leader’s main castle and will stay there for the duration of the event.

  • The Khan camp will be appear in addition to the traditional nomad camps, which are not affected by the Khan event.

  • You will have an individual rage level (see “Rage points” and “Taunt the camp and defend”) and an alliance rage level (see “Leveling up the camp”).

  • To be counted as a participating player, and therefore obtain the alliance rewards, you have to attack and defeat the camp at least once.


Attacking the camp

  • Players from level 70 can attack the Khan camp.

  • A successful attack will trigger an individual cooldown period before you can attack it again.

  • This cooldown period increases after every attack against the Khan camp.

  • The cooldown period resets once a day and each time the Khan camp levels up.

  • Successful attacks on this camp will grant you Khan tablets, loot, and rage points (see “Rage points”).

After evaluating the feedback from our community, we have decided to update how regularly the Khan camp changes its defensive setup during the event. Our intent for this new event mechanic is to encourage more cooperative gameplay, but, after considering your feedback, we realised that our initial approach of changing the camp’s defense setup after every single attack was too rigid. Therefore, we have made the following change:

  • The Khan camp will now only change its defensive setup after 65 successful attacks, or each time it levels up.

  • The attack counter will reset after each camp level up.


Levelling up the camp

  • To level up a camp, you must collect enough rage points together with your alliance members.

  • A higher level camp will have a stronger defense setup, grant you higher loot (tablets, rage points etc.), and increase the rage level cap of the rage meter (see “Rage points”).

  • An ongoing attack on a camp that levels up in the meantime will bounce back and no fight will take place.

  • For each time a Khan camp levels up, you will receive a special Khan medal reward at the end of the event. The higher the level, the better your rewards!

Rage Points

  • Rage points are a new indicator that can be obtained by attacking the Khan camp and successfully defending its attacks.

  • You must collect rage points to level up the camp and to be able to taunt the Khan to trigger an attack on your castle.

  • The rage points gained by the whole alliance will count towards the rage level.

  • Rage points are not carried over after the nomad invasion has ended.


Taunt the camp and defend

  • Once you fill the individual rage meter, you can decide to taunt the camp and trigger an attack on your main castle.

  • Only the alliance member who taunts the camp will be attacked.

  • A successful defense against an attack will earn you Khan tablets, Khan medals, rage points, and loot.

  • If you don’t win the defense, you will lose your defenders, but no resources will be looted, and your castle will suffer no fire damage.


Why should I take part in this event?

  • By participating in this event, you can gain valuable Khan tablets and Khan medals, as well as loot.

  • 1 Khan medal is equal to 7 nomad points during the nomad invasion

  • At the end of the event, you will receive additional Khan medals that you can trade for great rewards. Khan medals can still be traded after the event has finished.

  • The amount of additional Khan medals you receive will depend on the final Khan camp level reached by the alliance.

  • Even without leveling up the Kahn camp you are guaranteed at least a 1,000 additional Kahn medals just by successfully attacking the Khan camp once. 


What happens if I leave my alliance?

  • The Khan camp will not be visible and you won’t receive any alliance rewards.

  • The Khan camp of the alliance you leave stays as it is and your progress will remain with the alliance.

  • If an incoming attack from the camp was on its way, it will be canceled.

  • If you join the same or a different alliance, you will need to attack and defeat the Khan camp at least once to be counted as participant in the event.

  • When you leave an alliance, you will maintain the rage points you have already collected. They will be shown again if and when you join the same or another alliance.

  • If you switch alliance, your personal rage points won’t be counted towards the alliance rage level.

  • When you leave your alliance, your personal cooldown period is maintained. You will see the cooldown time when you join a new alliance.

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