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Long-time player? Let me know what you remember.

Hey all -

I've played Goodgame Empire for about five years now, and there are a lot of things I remember about the game back when I was first starting out. There have certainly been a lot of changes. The level cap used to be 60 (and it was even lower before that), the world map used to look totally different, and we still used sword brothers instead of commanders and equipment! And the alchemist and barterer still showed up!

I'm interested to see what everyone else remembers. So, if you're feeling nostalgic, please let me know. :smile:


  • when the graphics on castles looked fuzzy while viewing them from the world map
  • Lord Elvin (AU1)Lord Elvin (AU1) AU1 Posts: 199
    When we had titles such as Grand and Arch Prince and King was the highest title possible to get, when might points wasn't a thing and farmhouses looked like tents
  • Herveus (AU1)Herveus (AU1) AU1 Posts: 11,067
    It used to be level 42 max and research tower being the end game and robber barons maxed out at level 31 and outer kingdoms did not exist (I forgot when they were added though) and then max level 50 and them maximum level 60 with level 4 keep etc. and woodcutter starting level 7 had a yellow roof but at level 10 and 11 I think it was different (will look it up once I am back home) and the stonequarries were purple-ish and as said farmhouses level 1 to I think 3 it was looked like tents and houses had a golden gloom if any potion from the alchemist was used on them and thon King used to have a skull has deco reward and blade coast had something else as reward (will post screens once I am home) and nomad tents looked different , there was a ruby offer for elite wolfhounds and you could get them also via login bonus (also will out up screen on Sunday) and ruby repair cost had no limit so you could reach prices beyond 100k rubies even , samurais used to work different as well (breor has a video on that as well) time skips used to not be a thing , Kings guard etc. were actually worth a lot you could do pvp with wooden tools as the "level 3" tools like shield walls did not always exist as well and much more but the pool is calling me again so I gtg.
  • Shadow_21 (AU1)Shadow_21 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,370

    you guys have basically said it all

    remember old berrimond, I loved that....and the rewards for it...first place got a cool deco of a bear fighting a lion....and it was more PvP based...and you got honor from it

    remember when storm was kinda a big thing...and alliances would work together really hard to try and win

    remember how the bonus rescource carts use to be in different spots!!!,,,,the food was on the left side I think...wood at the back and stone down on the right side where wishing well now is

    remember when rvs actually use to spawn

    and when might points were called power points ( I still call them power points...I like it a lot better)

  • Lord Elvin (AU1)Lord Elvin (AU1) AU1 Posts: 199
    i remember when gge screwed over its customers, ah great times  :D
    Those aren't old times, it is still happening... every day  ;)
  • Main things that give me nostalgic is the old music and look, kingdom rss weren't important, it was actually a PvP game, oh and veteran overseers :disappointed:

    Before they screwed the game by changing everything(legendary lvls, ruby offers and lvls) etc.
    When veteran maceman were the ultimate troop :pensive:

  • Lord Elvin (AU1)Lord Elvin (AU1) AU1 Posts: 199
    when you could get top 100 for foreigners with 75k glory

    Still can. 

    Go play Asia1...............

    they 'vs' Asia2 in foreigners, which isn't even a server lol
  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    Getting honor from defending.
    Old login bonus.
    First one I remember was a 7 day repeating pattern it was replaced by nine little cards we could pick...
    I wish we could go back to the latter version. The newest version isn't improved.
  • perryl (US1)perryl (US1) US1 Posts: 1,231
    Getting honor from defending.
    Old login bonus.
    First one I remember was a 7 day repeating pattern it was replaced by nine little cards we could pick...
    I wish we could go back to the latter version. The newest version isn't improved.
    Honor for defending would be cool, but sadly that's so abusable and that's almost surely why they took it out. Like many other things that they take out or change. 
  • Shadow_21 (AU1)Shadow_21 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,370
    Though my current account is relatively new, I have had 2 other accounts over the past years (never more than one at the same time), so I have been around for quite a while...

    Remember when it was actually pretty impressive to be a level 60?
    Remember when there were no nomads, foreign invaders, samurai, or bloodcrows?
    Remember when honor actually mattered?
    Remember when there were no specialized rankings in alliances, just king, general, sergeant and member?
    Remember when annoying ruby offers didn't lag the game every 30 minutes?
    Speaking of ruby offers, remember when the only offers were % bonuses, and they only appeared every four days or so?
    Remember when the world map actually looked like a map?

    Those were the days...

    there not....he has had 2 accounts over the past year.....did you not see the part (never more then one at a time)
  • Katukov (US1)Katukov (US1) US1 Posts: 189
    When people actually PvPed and wars took place instead of everyone hitting the same events 24/7. 
  • OxO (AU1)OxO (AU1) AU1 Posts: 962
    being low on coin was a big problem for me

    hated RB's and i still do

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