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Double Clicking Lag/Bug

I haven't seen other complaints about this yet, but several members of my alliance have or have had this same problem lately.

Right now its horrible, every 3rd-4th thing I click once gets a "doubleclick" by some sort of bug or lag since nothing else/no other program or page on my pc has this issue. I have tried different browsers, cleared caches, etc.

This is becoming a big problem in cases where we are using a 5 hour skip to cool down a 5:30 camp and we burn 2 5 hour skips. I just quit playing for a while because I was trying to spy some castles but every one I tried I would click once, 5 sec pause, and enter the castle instead of being able to spy. The I click once to get out, pause, go out but right back in. Go thru this 4-5x before I get a single click to be able to spy. Also when setting up waves of attack I constantly skip a wave right now when I try to tab to the next wave once.

Im just waiting to buy something by accident, or buy 2x what I am trying to buy once. Not to mention the first time I delete a lv 30 grain or a Nomad horse deco by trying to navigate my page and a dbl click ok's it being deleted/sold... support is not gonna like me if this happens.

This is 100% a GGE server lag/bug issue (possible something that can be doctored for now thru some settings change but I haven't found it), please comment if you have had a similar issue. Not interested in debating with non GGE personel if you haven't encountered this problem. First noticed the problem a week or two ago for 1-2 days, then it started up again a few days ago, has gotten worse by today, especially after this mornings maintenance update.

Thank You


  • Kozmo (US1)Kozmo (US1) Posts: 373
    I've had this problem too. It sucks.
  • jonesydeath (GB1)jonesydeath (GB1) GB1 Posts: 215
    Games lag, have some patients when clicking  ;)
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  • I'm not the one that flagged you, think flagging is stupid if someone's not being obscene, but your response is pretty dumb to a bug that is causing real problems and could wind up costing people real things in the game. If you actually read what I wrote I'm not complaining about the regular lag that's usually in abundance in the game, used to that.
  • mvan (US1)mvan (US1) US1 Posts: 111
    edited 16.06.2017
    Maybe its a twitch not a glitch, Try having a shot of JD before playing next time, Takes me about 3 shots and 2 beers to get the shaking to stop......
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