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  •      If you knew you had a problem with multi-accounts, why wait two years to try and correct it?This has nothing to do with the multi-accounts problem that you claim it will correct. You showed me section C but you really have to twist the rules around to make this one fit. "The no tools left behind" was put into place for the simple reason to help gge make more money at the players expense. Nothing wrong with a company making money but you need to take care not to put the same BS as the company before GGE, and your well on your way!! I don't need to know the numbers but gge has already had several job cuts in the last couple of years and I expect more if gge keeps pulling this BS. Look at the thousands of players who've left this game in the last couple of years.Ask some of the old timers if any are still around how gge moved into the game market with a good game at cheap prices. Now with some of these new changes that are pure BS and costs the players more,why wouldn't players leave or at least start looking for a new game. It's happened before. Our alliance has already lost some very good players for the simple reason that they couldn't afford to buy all of the rubies it takes to keep up in this game.

  • You're probably right, but who knows what these nomad attacks will look like. All I'm saying is that it doesn't take rubies to get great defensive tools - the lime bombs were mainly just an example of a strong tool that can be purchased from nomads, and of course there are many other methods of collecting tools that don't involve spending rubies.

    True, we don't know.  But, let's be realistic.  What are the odds of GGS making a NEW mechanic when there is an existing one that they can copy?  Cut/paste the FI/BC attack setups and Ta-Da!

    I mean, here is my incoming right now:

    Yeah, I don't think I need the ruby tools for this one..........    EDIT: Or the Lime Bombs/Throwing Nails. (ALSO a good option ;) )

    What kind of "lvl 70" Potato attacker sends way more melee troops than ranged troops to attack? Way to go FI/BC! You guys are doin a great job at burning our castles!
    Viking type potato attacker
  • Haizaki Ryouhei (IN1)Haizaki Ryouhei (IN1) IN1 Posts: 45
    edited 08.10.2017
    No offense to GGS but...
    Most of your updates sound good, but actually aren't that great in-game. You removed the wishing well (kinda understandable, since you want players to buy rubies). 
    One suggestion that I'd like to make is, actually listen to the players of this game, afterall, we are the ones who keep this game running. It's clearly seen that a lot of players are unhappy with the current system/events. Instead of trying to modify these events by offering more rewards or things like that, look back into your older events. Events like the Alliance Torunament, Individual tournament, Berimond Invasion (the great empire one) and the Royal Capital were events that were actually fun and interesting. If you could look into these, and bring them back, I'm sure a lot of players would appreciate it.

    However, I know that this will just be "read" and nothing will be done about it, since it's been happening for quite sometime now. 


    PS : I'm sorry if this was the incorrect place to post this
    Shadow Slayer @ in 1
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