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Update Questions and Feedback: Summer and War approach!



  • Could you please share with us your Honest opinion on not being able to attack RV anymore? I'd be very pleased if you're not going to be Biased about it, you've been seemingly ignoring this topic on all your posts which goes to show that even you as a Board Moderator aren't happy with GGE's doings in the last update. GGS has removed a very important element of this game's infrastructure just to avoid some "technical issues" that RV's may cause (which is complete BS imo because they've kept rv's this way for the past 5-6 years but apparently now it's creating problems? smh) and now the only way you'll be able to attack another player is through hitting their main castle on other kingdoms, which again is a major issue because usually most players are very further apart from each other due to not being able to relocate your castle over there and sending attacks from one castle to another can take hours and hours.
    - it can take hours to capture an RV first, to attack another player from the captured RV !  
    - this strategy only gave the deffender less time to respond on the incoming attack.
    - most of the attacks from inside RV's, have been captured from other players, not involved in the game between attacker and deffender.  Mostly, once the RV is captured, and the attack is on the way, the RV is dropped.  Depending on the time and situation, the other player might (not) be able to recapture his/her RV.

    I have several options about this one, depending on the way I think about it.  Any option has his onws pro's & contra's.
    Attacking dragons from an RV, was an advance for those with an RV close to a dragon.  And the player who tried to attack that dragon, and used to be always just a little bit too late, will be happy now.

    it's part of the game....

    A bunch of non-buyers complaining over Dragons or Fortress's is the worst and most stupid reason for gge to change attacking from Rv's.. Only thing dumber than that is someone from gge actually reading that complaint instead just deleting it..
  • This is how they changed the commanders descriptions :)

    The same with castellans.

    Remuving the gems for free :)

    The castellan bonuses, changes.

    Attacking with a commander,changes.

    New things ion the armorer, for the ruby whales.

    New thing on samurai and nomads, i think is for trade.. costs 5k points nomads/sams. 

    Thanks man.  Really cool to see your castellen and commander.  What IS your commander?    

    I'm also curious about the heritage of north cast.  I want to either complete it or complete the secrets of the forest spirits cast.  Do you have that?  What one do you think is better? 
    HardCase @ usa 1
  • snap amper nog wrm jullie nog winst maken
    is gwn dom achterlijk spel

    da tuigen gedoe vind ik top idee!!!!

    maar geen dorpen aanvallen?????,  gwn achterlijk zijn jullie
    naja jullie luisteren toch alleen maar naar de kleintjes he

    en ja de aanvallers die er geld in steken boeit jullie toch niks

    events events events

    nou doei boeit me niks meer dit spel
    Hey tim je zit wel op een engels forum hé die mannen verstaan je niet.
    Pls learn English!
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,120
    I think we probably got the events events events bit without the need for translation 
    Batten @ en 1
  • Defectus (US1)Defectus (US1) US1 Posts: 1,199

    Despite everything that changed in the update which are some big changes and are things that i mostly agree and i am happy with, no one ever from GGE mention anything about not being able to attack Dragons or Players from RVs!

    Why did you change this for god sake? It does not change the balance of the game or strong and weak players. It also helps in wars and makes it even more fun and more strategic to organize attacks, defences etc. from multiple RVs.

    Please let us all know if this was just a normal "bug" or if you wanted to change this because i believe it is a big mistake for most players because it changes a lot during a war in the 3 worlds besides Green. 

    Thank you.
    This has been mentioned numerous times.
    TheBlueIcicle    US1

    I don't play this game anymore.
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,120
    Looking at the compensation for the players who spent most sadly that isn't appropriate.  Players should be offered a refund or the equivalent value in rubies for them to choose how it's spent.  Having the tent to complete the sets if you wish through normal activity is a positive step but failing to properly compensate players does do a lot of damage.  Yes they had some benefit but it was for a limited time period and it was a faulty product, which they purchased in good faith and didn't deliberately misuse.  No-one knew it wasn't intended to work in that way until it was tested on the test server seemingly.  I think the package should be reviewed and you should come back with an improved offer for the most expensive gems.  If you put that many horrors in the accounts for those on holiday that is going to hurt them not help.  The Compensation package 19 implied there were 18 previous packages is that true?  If so how was that determined?  Did players get differnt packages based on spend?  

    Hi @Batten (GB1)

    Personally, I agree with what you've said about compensation....

    Did players get different packages based on spend?

    Yes, I believe the compensation packages are based on the number of rubies spent on the gems which are affected, the ruby spend would be directly to those gems, so it would only apply to the gems from the 'Legacy of the Eagle Demon' and the 'Power of the Elements' sets as far as I know... each gem of which can cost up to 495,000 rubies... I believe if the gems were purchased for a lower price (e.g. in a bundle with the hero) this would also be taken into account....

    Thanks Angus just wanted to be understand why players had differing amounts.  

    In terms of compensation I think one of the key question I'd like to see answered for the players effected is why they weren't offered the equivalent in rubies in exchange for their gems if they didn't want them.  I understand full cash refunds for a used item could be a bit tricky in terms of people having got some limited value from the purchase but rubies are in game items given players have already spent that amount crediting them doesn't change game balance in anyway I can see they have used the money anyway just differently.  I wouldn't object to that as a player who didn't purchase and is minimally effected if at all.  GGE control rubies so would be interested to know if they literally can't credit an account in that way because system doesn't allow it.  if the system does allow it hard to understand why that wasn't considered the easiest and best option.  Explaining that decision might help.  The compensation offered looks worse the more you look at it effectively it does rather skew the Lotus event given troops and banners which I guess might have been the point maybe just a bit of explanation on decision making and thinking could go a long way.  
    Batten @ en 1
  • Vanish (INT2)Vanish (INT2) INT2 Posts: 101
    Are we going to receive notification when the blacksmith is about to go away? So that we can spend any of our remaining tokens?
  • Morentz (US1)Morentz (US1) US1 Posts: 628
    It'd also be nice to know when free gem removal ends..

    Knowing GGE its gonna end abruptly and SURPRISE, you got fucked and left gems up on the wrong comm. Cough up dem rubies to remove em.

  • The blacksmith will go away on the 18th of August, and as of current times word is that free gem removal will end on the 18th or shortly thereafter, I'll try to keep you updated if that position changes.
    Friedrich IV US1
    The Prodigal Scrub Returns
  • kookiekooks (US1)kookiekooks (US1) US1 Posts: 260
    The blacksmith will go away on the 18th of August, and as of current times word is that free gem removal will end on the 18th or shortly thereafter, I'll try to keep you updated if that position changes.

    Sorry that is confusing to me.  Are you indicating the 18th of August or the 18th of June?
    kookiekooks @ usa 1
  • the 3rd points about tools exchange is not good , 
  • Craigo9 (AU1)Craigo9 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 13
    Hi all.

    How do I obtain more Apprentice tokens?

  • Hi, is it me or this the reward set given to players below level 70 not the Kala commander but the spring one we already got in the previous monthly event?

    Not sure if this was planned or a misscommunication.

    Thanks in advance for a reply.

  • Hi all,

    Let us know what you think of the new update as a whole, which can be found here, and about the new event, The battle of Nations!

    Looking forward to hear what y'all have to say :D 


    Again nothing new is announced as something new. The same tasks, just new names for the things you can win, but the same boring Nomands, etc. Come with something really new.
    Falcon54321 @ nl 1
  • Well, at least GGS got a whopping ONE thing right this time. All 9 parts of the new commander can be earned though the monthly rewards instead of having to compete for them. Finally. Too bad the rest of this update was total and absolute garbage. :(

    Always ready to fight for my friends.

    Picture provided by farmerjohn 22 @USA 1 in GoodGame Bigfarm
  • Battle of nations?  Everybody get a bronze reward?  What do we need to do?  Nothing - er.. - same as always? 

    Not much of "reward" to die (even silver and gold) for  but thanks; anyway, it is for free.

    Positive then , thumbs up 
    Bubik @ WWW 1
  • Wait, did Battle of the Nations already start? I didn't see anything... Or is this because I'm not level 70...
  • oWarHero (GB1)oWarHero (GB1) GB1 Posts: 97

    Battle of Nations: I'm sure we've seen something like this before - don't think it encouraged anyone to do anything more than usual but I guess extra rewards is a good thing.

    Festival of the Lotus King: Nice to have a new monthly seasonal, comm looks to be just shy of the bloodcrow comm so worth making the effort to get. Nice to see that it's better than some existing EQ but not so good it makes old stuff useless.

    Gem rework: I see this has caused a huge uproar. When I started the game, you didn't have to spend anything to compete with the best, you just had to be incredibly active. To everyone that's complaining about getting shafted, I think you should really take a look in the mirror and ask yourself are GGE making you look like a mug or have you done that yourself by spending £1000s on pixels? I've invested a fair chunk of money myself but I've always favoured non spenders to those that buy their victory and strength, so to those complaining I say... Ha. GGE need to help bridge the gap again otherwise you'll be playing the game by yourselves, nut up and shut up. You're getting some type of compo and have been allowed to run amok for months now. When the game eventually shuts down (and it will) then everything you've done will be gone with no compensation; so untwist your knickers and get on with it like the rest of the server has against your elementals and purchased armies/comms/gems.

    New EQ/tooltip display: After 4+ years of playing, this is a bit of a change to the system but it's looking good; just may take a wee while to get used to.

    New tool management mechanic: I think this is a huge shame tbh. Yes many players exploited it and that's ultimately what ruined it (as well as many other things) but my alliance like to run quizzes and give out tools as prizes to keep things interesting. Or when a team-mate quits they sometimes like to offer tools to their alliance mates so they don't go to waste - we are supposed to help each other after all. Nonetheless, I understand why it's been done, I just hope something can be implemented soon to replace this method without being like the gift peddler, which Imo is a load of tosh meant only for ruby whales.

    Attack vs. Defence rework: I see a lot of complaints on this too but once again I think this is the players' fault. There's no ideal solution Imo. Attackers tend to demolish from 20-40 clicks due to low warning, but any more then the defender usually gets enough support to destroy the attack. Castles were no longer self supportable to encourage attacking, but then people kept to close hits and made it too unbalanced. Tsk tsk. Will be nice to be self-supportable again but I doubt I'll be attacking as much if I have to tackle 5k+ defence on every attack. (Which at my level should be easy to maintain.)

    Beri: Good that gallantry deduction has been revised but the event does need to come round more often to spice things up a bit. FL/BC & Noms/Sams do get a bit tedious without something else to focus on.

    Other: I noticed someone mentioned about decos... I completely agree any deco from an event now should be equivalent or better than the 220 PO from sams. Also, I don't agree that a single deco is worth any extra effort to win the Battle of Nations. Better prizes or incentives need to be offered.

    That's my two pence!


    oWarHero @ en 1
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