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Underworld Bug/Glitch

Just noticed a bug in underworld, not sure if it just started or has been there entire time Ive been working on Master Level.

When I realized it I had my troop capacity up to 927. At the same time I was down to 630 troops total over there. When trying to port over more troops I realized it was only letting me send 176 (Should have been 297). My first thought was there may be an undisclosed cap on how many troops you could keep over there and I hadn't noticed till now, but I upgraded another tent and it let me send 181 instead of 176. Before anybody asks, no I didn't have any other attacks or anything out, all troops were in UW camp. There is a definite bug, shorting me over 100 troops I should be able to hold.

I purchased the 29k ruby camp when I first started Master Level. I never paid attention at the beginning to how many troops I could port over compared to what I had, but everything seemed OK up until I recently noticed this. I cant be sure but I don't think the bug was there from get go, just started today as it was quite noticeable when I was shorted that many troops to be able to port.


  • *Update

    After a couple hours and sending short amounts of troops over a couple more times it is working correctly again, suddenly letting me send troops to fill capacity. I had refreshed a few times before ever starting this thread, no clue why it's fine now other than random GGE glitchiness

  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) US1 Posts: 655
    Hey DHD!

    I'm having the same issues. It's only letting me send about 66% of my capacity down there, causing real issues. I checked to see if I'd stupidly sent defense down and they were adding to it, but nope.

    Glad to hear yours cleared up! Perhaps mine will too.
    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • yeah, only seemed to happen for a few hours, haven't had a problem since *knock on wood
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