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Being Held Hostage by GGE



  • Well once again gge pulling the disappearing act on Cmdr's, Attacks, Spies.. fuk'n luv this shyt.. lol
  • The Writer (US1)The Writer (US1) US1 Posts: 220
    um.....what r u on about, lol

    (sorry if this counts a 'bump" ;) )
    Currently active on: Asia (level 70 LLvl 125)  Co-Leader of "The Pegasus Wolves" alliance
    USA (level 70 LLvl 60) 
    Yes, I LIKE this game. Yes, I'm serious. I will Defend GGE when I feel they are being given unnecessary criticism.
    Yes, I will continue to state my opinions bluntly...
    How about we all work to keep this game alive INSTEAD of calling them to shut it all down with our whining and complaining?

  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 25.07.2017
    um.....what r u on about, lol

    (sorry if this counts a 'bump" ;) )
    Jack BellowsIII has been making a lot comments on here for some reason. Take notice it says in the title "Being Held Hostage By GGE" and so now Jack wants to make a parade on his thread with his comments related to this topic about Goodgame Empire and the closely related Goodgame Studios as well. Also take notice it has mostly been just him making comments lately. He is technically not bumping the thread though, because he keeps on typing on his thread. It is only considered bumping if it is typing on an old thread.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • Hanzolo (US1)Hanzolo (US1) US1 Posts: 897
    edited 25.07.2017
    If this was the forum it was years ago Jack would've been killed for all the double, triple, and quadruple posting hes done lmao

    Everyone used to call each other out for that


    Hanzolo @ Canada1

  • Jack BellowsIII (US1)Jack BellowsIII (US1) US1 Posts: 118
    edited 26.07.2017
    I not on anything.. I guess u have to play to notice stuff @ certain times. I won't write a ticket straight to gge they might fuk up something else.. U don't like my vent so be it.. lol
  • Another day of Spies. and armies disappearing for 13min..
  • So gge can't do 2 sep updates.. lets take a 24h pause in the monthly, glad I don't have many peeps to feed..
  • Ha ha ha we are 2 days into my week prediction on the no update... I think Vegas is giving odds on how long its going to take.. to fuk'n funny..
  • I think our mail is being held Hostage w/ this Lost & Found BS in the same menu.. They coulda put that anywhere else.. Obviously none of those clowns play they game..
  • No need to bump a thread from 2017. If something from this thread is still relevant I advise opening a new discussion. Thanks!
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