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Hotfix 04/05/2017 -No Downtime-

Hey everyone!

We will be conducting an update with no downtime in 20 min, after a refreshing the page, the following  should be fixed:

- Kingdoms - Send Resources: It takes several seconds to load the dialogue
- Ruby wishing well: Rubies can´t be collected although time is up
- Towers are not placed correctly around the perimeter of the castle
- World Map - Performance: There is lag when an offer starts while you´re in the attack screen
- Attack Button: Attack button in ISO view (view from inside the castle) of target castle is not working
- Kingdom resources are shown when demolishing a building still
- Ring-menu is not shown after placing a building
- Resource panel - Sending resources through the Castle overview changes the resource display
- The camera is too far zoomed out when you switch castles


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