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Poll: Gem Stat Caps Update



  • perryl (US1)perryl (US1) US1 Posts: 1,231
    I do not think that GGE really thought this update through. There is no acceptable compensation to make up for this. There are too many ways that people have obtained their gems. Some through working hard at events, some through purchase, some a mix of both...How would they possibly be able to compensate for things like bonus chests with gems that were purchased (I believe they were 360k rubies each chest for the gems).  Let me guess... submit tickets with customer service and then have a two month throw down because you didn't screen your offer, date, time, what color your panties were when you made said purchase... NO THANKS.  

    There is just no way to compensate fairly for this, not to mention it isn't a fair re-working for people who have worked hard to equip their gear.  Back to the drawing board.. and maybe talk to a diverse group of long time players this time..
    They didn't listen to us, we can't help that. 
    perryl @ USA1 
    Perryl @ UK1 and AU1. Will be back on UK1 soon. 

    @ me or don't expect a response. 

    Chasing the goalpost since 2014. I discovered GGE through a Dogecoin faucet rotator. Don't know what that is? No big deal, those are gone in 2018 2020. A long break was good. Highly recommended. I got too drunk and forgot why I hated GGE and took a break in the first place. So, here I am again. 

    2020 - Not dead yet.
  • maverique (GB1)maverique (GB1) GB1 Posts: 126

    High ruby spend on these for the advantage....

    Be it fair in none ruby players eyes or not......

    The point is gge gave and to remove this with a cap without any argument at all makes every penny  spent completely  refundable only from the date of this purchase....

    I do not mean comms....gems I mean total spent on game since....if ppl knew this day 1 they wouldn't have spent this money simple therefore remember when I say be careful gge because I know of 1 or 2 that would love the rodon of case law against you...example mike and lemchi spend as they have advantage....now you remove it that spend is needing paid back..

    1 case cracked-all paid...and you cant afford so keep hats and thinking caps on..case law is where if 1 goes thru sound the rest will follow and you wont be able to argue....I have enjoyed spending on the game but if my spend becomes a case you have diluted with restrictions I will be all out in court..

    I actually find it disgusting you try do this to those that have kept you in mortgaged homes....paid rent for you and above all kept all in a job...you should bow your heads and repent before you get sent to the lands of Valhalla .........my bad only people of integrity go to Valhalla.

    Makes no odds to me spending a grand to take this further knowing what I am in line for when I win.....which I could not lose.

    maverique @ en 1
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