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Poll: Gem Stat Caps Update



  • To make this kind of change takes away from the hard work, ruby and coins spent, and troops recruited bought, and lost in receiving these gems. Now that you want to make that type of change in the gems what can we expect in the troops? I understand that this truly isn't a free game and gge is trying to make money but how does this update even help that cause? I know folks that will stop buying rubies if this update takes place. There will be others that will leave the game.

    I guess the biggest question is why this change now? Is it because of a few cry babies that don't spend rubies to get better equipment/gems, weather it's in events or specials, but want to be the same strength as those of us that do? Sorry, but that's real life too. So, if this update is implemented then those of us that are losing our time, rubies, coins, and troops to get where we are today going to be compensated for our loses? And I mean properly compensated, not just some free food.

    At this point I am undecided on what I will do if this update in implemented. It could be the beginning of the end. If I stop buying rubies then I will leave the game as well. If I purchase a truck with a V-8 and the company comes to me after words and says they are going to make my V-8 and V6 what do you think would happen. I personally would tell the company to shove it. This is starting to look like NASCAR trying to take the competition out of racing. You can't make everyone equal and keep them happy. I have quit watching/following NASCAR for that reason. Someone wins and someone looses. Not everyone is winners, I don't care how hard you try. In the end gge won't be the winners if this is the path that is going to be taken.

    Stepping off my soapbox now.
    Axle3 @ usa 1
  • dovlica1990 (INT1)dovlica1990 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 86
    edited 30.04.2017
    @Temprance, finally someone normal out there lol, thanks a lot  bud.
    Well as for others please share poll with your teammates and let gge know what we think about their crap updates, think they will be shocked with amount of players disagreeing with their "balance"!
  • Shame, shame, shame on you GGE!  Another few pennies from me?  Totally doubtful.  I have always tried to remain positive amid a sea of changes.  Not now.  The glass is half empty. :'(:'(:'(
    Loki The Weak @ usa 1
  • Temprance said:
    Empire Community,

    If we did not care about the game and its updates, we would not be as vocal as we are now. Several of us have played the game for years watching its progression, both in improvements and in failures. It is not possible to have full compliance or agreement with everyone, but it is possible to have the support of the majority. 

    For one, I do not agree with how this info was released... on a Friday. Therefore, leaving this issue in the hands of the mods, I am taking responsibility on how to deal with it. I have read through the pages of feedback and the general opinion is pretty uniform aside from maybe 1-2 outliers.

    As a Player, I am 100% on the same boat as all of you. I play the game actively, I work very hard to get advantages over other players via PO, equip, etc, and I know the effects that such updates have on the gameplay as opposed to people who potentially do not play the game at the same activity as us.
    As a Moderator, it is my job to collect data and feedback for updates like these and to not only pass it on but to fight for your opinions and concerns.

    The poll below is very simple:
    Do you agree or disagree with the upcoming Gem Stat Cap update.

    Please vote honestly, the votes are anonymous.
    Trolls, if there is one time I ask you to be serious, respectfully, be truthful.
    The more vote results, the more leeway I will have with the higher-ups.

    Thanks and Enjoy your weekend,

    Thank you for posting this poll!! :-)                I disagree with the update! Plus the update didn't even mention what will happen to Courtyard gems.
    What WILL happen to courtyard gems?
    HardCase @ usa 1
  • I voted and my vote did not change the count.

    Is that counter working correctly?
  • Diavolo (US1)Diavolo (US1) US1 Posts: 655
    I'd still like the free removal to go through though :)

    I put some very nice gems on the wrong equipment 'cause of bad planning but with GGE's current stupidly expensive costs to take them off, there's no fixing that.

    Otherwise, I put all my rants on the other thread. Essentially GGE wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater - an incredibly poor idea, one that promises to eliminate (the evils of) player creativity and an interesting eq system for a cookie cutter system where everyone is following the same pattern in lockstep. But that really is the game they made, with their silly story line and few limiting variables regarding castle growth. So it's not really surprising that their solution to 1 set of gems is to panic and try to force a simpler one rather than nerf those overpowered gems and EQ.

    And ultimately this is a p2w problem - the OP gems are from a ruby cast set. So I have really just one comment to the devs: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!  p2w screwed you as much as it screws us, nice going.
    Hidingfromyou @ usa 1
  • I think the moderator got this crap some the guys riding the short-bus..
  •   If Morry is going to hit everyone who agrees I will lie and say I voted I agree with the update just to get a chance to defend something other than a foreigner attack.

       Can we just eliminate the fire cast gems so so we can make war fun again and keep all the other gems in place? While we are making the game fun again lets do away with 5 and 6 waves and go back to 1280 man attacks and most players would defend most attacks.

    4 wave attacks are not challenging enough to defend. everyone will just support and won't matter if they win or lose wall. and the firecasts . .  i like mine for when i am away. only time i don't defend is if i can't get on usually. or super short horn because people would rather send cheap shots than real attacks.

  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    How long will this thread remain open? When will voting on the poll close? I hope every forum of GGE has a post like this...
    Lv 70 dreamtree @ usa 1! This account is best described as a tree in a large forest...
    @ international 1! @ international 2! @ English 1! Those accounts are retired.
    500k might points. I know. A lot of people have higher. Wow, now I have have over 700k... 

    Yay! A nice reward!

  • edited 30.04.2017
    I am not agree for this because already I see one time you guys did the gems power and remove that and after we repeat it everything collected new gems and commander equipment so now again starting from beginning that's the gem cap. so we have to spend our time and money and we put lots of time not for free soldiers and the food. whoever can spend there time and collect the gems or work the gems or buy the gems they can there is nothing objection for that because we did already if they want fair play ggs want to be do certain level want to be not attack from big levels and same thing they can do also same thing they don't want to attack for big levels. that's the only solution  otherwise if you guys take cap the gem or take out the commander or castleian its not help. its will be help for reduce the players from ggs game.
    UltimateShan881 @ WWW 2
  • not happy at all about gem caps update as you can get defense and attack gems so it is fair as it is now 
    sleeplya42 @ au 1
  • hancharu (INT1)hancharu (INT1) INT1 Posts: 2
    i agree if you up cap.
    i don't agree with down.
    all player stronger day by day and they should have more and more power

  • I've never bought a single gem, all came from event participation, 
    pasnab @ usa 1
  • if  gge actually cares about the game and its updates like temperance said they will trash this terrible idea of an update i guess we will have the answer when this poll ends
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