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Discussion Thread: Gem Cap Stats



  • Katukov (US1)Katukov (US1) US1 Posts: 189
    edited 29.08.2017

    i have a question around late detection in the reports.. previously a 90 late detection from the set plus a hero bonus would accumulate more than 90% but now it seems to cap at 90% even with a hero on top..

    is that correct ?
    @BM ang1243 @BM_Friedrich

    If I have a +90 detection cmdr and add a +24 Late Detect hero, does it cap at 90% or 114% ?

    I read somewhere that hero's do not apply to the caps. Can someone confirm?
  • It'll be 114, heroes get around the caps.
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  • Hey guys, beta test team member here

    There were a dozen or two of gge players like you giving feedback and suggestions to the gge moderation team. We came up with dozens of ideas. None of them would have worked out. There was no real perfect fix to this that would make every player happy and you just have to realize that. Every possible answer, every possible solution that was mentioned would either hurt some and help others. We had a main objective to decrease the gap between ruby buyers that had extreme comms and casts, and non-ruby buyers that could not get casts or comms that came even close to that. If you want to blame someone, you better blame YOUR FELLOW PLAYERS because they came up with the ideas. It was people like you that decided, based on their feedback, that this was most likely the best route to go. It was people like you that came up with the idea to do this so do not blame the mods.

    Hey guys, queen elizabeth here...
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  • DK Banana (GB1)DK Banana (GB1) GB1 Posts: 84
    The stupidity of this change is that things were balanced.  A comm with the flanks cranked up is vulnerable on the centre, as slong as you have enough troops on the wall.
    It is just a matter of learning from experience and figuring how to counter. Take that from the game and make everyone equal and the game is less fun that Sim City; those who like war will be off to Vikings War of the Clans. Granted payment problems have annoyed a lot of players in that game, but that has a solution, the game itself beats the pants off the current verison of this one.
    So GGS be warned, you will lose market share, because you have failed to address cheating and have instead tried to go for the lowest common denominator.
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