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[INFO] Gem and Equipment Maximum Rework

BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
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Dear players, 

As we mentioned in our roadmap, we are planning to correct the gem bonus system. This change is still planned for the end of May, but now we would like to share some data on the maximum caps which will be applied to gem bonuses as well as equipment bonuses after this rework.

The outcome of the rework will be that gem effects will be capped together with the equipment as follows: 

Gem and equipment bonuses cap for Castellans

Glory points in defence


Resources lost due to looting


Early attack warning


Fires Caused by Looting


Combat strength of your melee soldiers


Combat strength of your ranged soldiers


Gem and equipment bonuses cap for Commanders

Glory points


Travel speed


Resources looted


Longer until the enemy detects your army


Building damage


Enemy wall protection


Enemy gate protection


Enemy moat protection


Chance of finding better equipment


Combat strength of your melee soldiers


Combat strength of your ranged soldiers


Attack cool-down


For example, if you have an 88% melee combat strength bonus from your Commander’s equipment and an additional 10% bonus of the same kind from the gem, the overall melee strength bonus will be limited at 90%.  

We also considered other possibilities to fix this problem, but thanks to our closed beta test server and its participants we realised these were not ideal solutions. One of the ideas was to increase the cap for bonuses (for example, to have 150% of combat strength of your ranged/melee soldiers), but that would bring a lot of disadvantages to the overall system and would need few months to accordingly re-balance the game:

  • All NPC enemies would need to be reworked to still be competitive in battle.

  • An increased range defence value for castellans would require the attacker to place more shields, making attacks more expensive.

  • All legendary items would lose value and it will take a long of time and effort to change all stats for all items. Only the downtime to implement such a change would be not shorter than one day.

  • Equipment sets from events would need to be revised, as they were created under the previous limitations.

  • Defenders would become more powerful to a variable degree due to the massive increase of the max defence fight bonus, that scales with some other bonuses making it hard to predict and therefore adjust.

  • Additional unpredictable balancing risks that would be spotted only once it hits the live servers.

Another alternative that we considered was to create a separate cap for gem bonuses. With this option we would lower the problems described above, but it would not solve them completely and a general system re-balancing would still be necessary. Furthermore, we do not have this system in the game currently, and would need to create it, which means months of additional development. 

We would also like to confirm that, as part of the compensation, you will have the chance to remove the gems for free for a few weeks and the general prices for this action will be decreased permanently afterwards. Additional information and details on the compensation will be shared at a later date.

Thank you for your patience, we will keep you updated!

You can discuss the stats here!

Best regards,
Your Empire team  

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  • BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
    edited 03.05.2017

    Dear players,

    We appreciate all your feedback given to us during last days. We would like to present you some changes applied to our plan as a result of your constructive comments:


    The Limit for defenders on the walls bonus cap, previously planned at 50%, will be removed. Also, we decided to increase the cap for Damage from fire bonus from 50% to 75%.


    We will remove any limitation for the bonus “Soldier limit on the flanks” (previously at 50%)  and expand the cap from 50% to 75% for Building damage bonus. 

    By enforcing the future caps we will remove a lot of customization options from the game. What we want to do in the future is offer a new type of customization system that brings this exciting part back to the game and significantly improves the options offered to the players. Every player needs to be able to find a unique, efficient and engaging play style when it comes to fighting against other players or NPCs.

    We will keep you informed in case of additional new info on this topic and we will share details about the compensation with you as soon as we get it confirmed.

    - Your Empire team.

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  • BM ang1243 BM ang1243 Posts: 3,836
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    Yo peeps ;)

    The design team have prepared a detailed statement explaining the reason why this gem rework became necessary. Read on to find out more:

    Several effects on equipment have a predefined cap. When we introduced unique gems that granted the same effects, the cap did not apply for them although it should have. This led to specific combinations of equipment and unique gems which allows for higher values than intended. Since these combinations are only possible with specific gems from offers and Long Term Point Events they increased the power gap even more between ruby and strong players compared to others.

    At the moment we have unintended and unfair power spikes (e.g. melee/range attack of ~150%) in the game. To counter this issue we decided to enforce the caps for gems as they were originally planned. We are aware this will lead to a reduction regarding the customisation aspect but in our opinion it is the best way to regain a controllable equipment system. This solution will allow us to expand the current equipment and offer variations for different situations in the future.

    We understand that enforcing the caps now is a significant change for a lot of players but we take this step to be able to create a solid basis for future content. Our goal is to bring the now reduced customisation back at some point into the game.

    We would now like to address some issues raised by the communities concerning some of the specific caps.

    Soldier limit on your flanks and soldier limit on your wall:

    Having no caps for these two effects means the maximum reachable values will stay as they are. The major source of these effects are gems which weren’t capped before. This doesn’t mean you can reach values out of control as there is an actual cap given by the fact that each commander and castellan has a maximum amount of gems which can be used. The cap would be the sum of the gem effects and the set bonuses for each specific effect. Heroes were always treated differently and are unaffected by these caps. There is currently no plan to increase the gem levels, so the actual cap will not be increased.

    Damage from fire (attack) and building damage (defence):

    The current cap - on the live servers - for equipment is 50%. Since gems don’t count towards the cap it is possible to go past 100%. This method is used by players to become immune to fire, when the attacker isn’t using the building damage bonus.The new cap of 75% is a compromise to still make it possible to reach this immunity state, but requires a fire station, legend skill or research to reach 100%.

    Note: We are not satisfied with the current implementation of the “burning” mechanic and consider to change it in the future. How this new approach will look like is still being discussed. But our goal is to to create a system that delivers more fun for both attackers and defenders.

    We understand the concerns raised by each and every one of you, and we tried to take in consideration all the feedback provided by the players. However, we had to come up with a final solution that tackled different topics at once; stop making the system exploitable, address the feedback from the players, and something that is critical for us; making sure that with this change we lay the foundations for a fairer and more compelling experience in the long term.

    We are looking forward to be able to share with you everything we are planning for the future of Empire!

    Your Empire Design Team

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    Check out my website with loads of cool tips about GGE: http://www.ultimategge.co.uk

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