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Some Bot Maths to think about



  • LadyWolfe (US1)LadyWolfe (US1) US1 Posts: 122
    Have to say the best improvement to come from GGS was the tools/recruitment changes - driven by spiralling bot usage. The sheer drudgery of feasting was astonishing and the pitiful numbers of tools that could be produced made sams/nomads/beri extremely difficult without using loads of coin to buy tools. Hence the reason why a lot of people started using bots.

    In effect, GGS were the prime cause because they deliberately maintained a poor system which was user intensive and inadequate for the purposes of the game.GGS are nor good at limiting the number of operations required to complete any given task [just been putting out some small fires and noticed extra unnecessary clicks have been re-introduced :-(] and the plain fact is that intense play can give rise to repetitive strain injuries. I have a regular problem with mouse wrist and a shoulder strain resulting purely from gameplay. There is a future for bot usage in this respect and if it drives GGS to reconsider some of the more cumbersome aspects of gameplayso much the better.
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  • The Ntk (US1)The Ntk (US1) US1 Posts: 600
    if anything you would think gge would be against all the multi accounting this has inflated there user numbers to the extint i often find myself thinking 3/4 of the players on gge must hold atleast 4 accts.  some i have run into in the past could hold a 65 player alliance. and yet there all still there
  • The Ntk (US1)The Ntk (US1) US1 Posts: 600
    NO , not the same , is the game fun for you ? You sound like a whining baby who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar , be a man/woman and take your punishment , don't try to rationalize your cheating actions , you should receive a permanent ban !!!
    damn me for not using protection i think kampo gave me bots
  • @Raggle Fock : I think we differ on definitions of bots. Bots do not have to run a game for you taking away the 'real player aspect', they can just be used to minimise mouse clicking.
    bots are automated programs that no longer require human input to take actions where they were once required.
    Yeah, that's why it's so disturbing that some people use bots to run their entire game. Not because they're "cheating" but because the game actually requires no human input for the vast majority of it its play.

    Well, for events, yes.

    During a war, No.
    Other then an attack alarm true, but so far the game has been becoming a eventing game rather than a warring game.

    Lord septimus @us1
  • Exactly the same thing has happened with pre-sets, driven by bot usage to overcome numerous unnecessary, irritating and cumbersome operations required to perform any task. Again, GGS are effectively the prime cause because they maintained a cumbersome system.

    GGS needs to up its game, take note of the features which users find attractive and useful in bots and adjust Empire accordingly.

    GamerGac5754 @ en 1
  • Haskell (US1)Haskell (US1) Posts: 217
    edited 26.04.2017
    Let me get this straight... you want to work less but get the same as me?


  • TPain (GB1)TPain (GB1) GB1 Posts: 67

    Good to see some players keen for GG to make the changes they have suggested. I look forward to hopefully being totally happy with the gameplay and not wanting to use a bot to improve it. I just hope it doesn't take an age...

    TPain @ en 1
  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    If you had entered London Marathon last Sunday run 25 miles and were in first place - unlikely but bear with me - and a guy rocks up to the start hops on a motorbike and five minutes later as you stagger towards the finish line acclerates past you. leaving you gasping in his dust and to your amazement is awarded first prize, would you as the guy in second who'd trained for to years to get to that point be okay with it?  You wouldn't unless Sucker was printed in large letters on your shirt.  That's how I see the situation with bots.  The rules are pretty clear on this point:

    13.  Under no circumstances we will

    a) create or use cheats, mods and/or hacks, or any other third party software products that may change the result of the online or mobile games,

    b) use software that allows the mining of data or otherwise intercepts or collects information in connection to the online and mobile games,

    c) use virtual items that are being used in online or mobile games outside of the online or mobile games, purchase virtual items for "real" money, or sell or swap virtual items,

    d) sell, buy, or trade user accounts.

    This includes all circumventions, similar actions, or actions that produce an effect that matches the aforementioned bans.

    14.  We will not run the online game (including all individual web pages) with programs other than the internet browser or the client program that has been provided. This refers in particular to so-called bots and other tools meant to replace or supplement the web interface. Also prohibited are scripts and completely or partially automated programs that provide users with an advantage over other users. This includes auto-refresh functions and other integrated browser mechanisms if they concern automated procedures.

    Any player banned can't say they weren't warned the Roadmap does clearly state that action will be taken and GGE should be credited with following through on it and demonstrably upholding terms 13 and 14.  Everybody has now had fair warning.  

    That said it does take courage to openly admit a mistake and it is helpful to understand why mistakes are made.  I think what is sad is that I certainly am sympathetic - and I suspect other players would be - to an arguement that changes gameplay to involve less clicking and more strategic decision making.  Had that arguement been presented before rather than after breaching the T and C 's it would have probably on the forum garnered support.  

    My feeling is GGE have put in functions like boosts - I accept they are ruby driven - which seem to be designed to allow players with less time to bridge that gap and stay competitive.   I have just done the 10000 resource clicks achievement and the next one is an intimidating 12,500 clicks so I do understand the point in terms of numbers of clicks.  It is a debate worth having.  Allowing a situation where somebody has run a proverbial marathon of clicks to be in first only to lose at the last minute to someone who with bots could not even sent one attack themselves during the event isn't right.  I think GGE should be congratulated for the action they've taken.  But I also hope the problems outlined by the post originated can be considered through the forum and constructuve suggestions offered to help move the debate forward by the more technical guy.   Perhaps where people have a limiting health condition certain bots pre-approved by GGE could be allowing - I'm not sure how you prove a medical condition in a game context - but software to address limiting health conditions is generally about levelling the playing field.  I'd be okay with that and some people in that situation wouldn't want that option anyway but perhaps that could be considered? 

    Batten @ en 1
  • Empire has always been a trade off between those willing to put in the hard work and get the rewards - and those prepared to spend to accelerate achievement of rewards. That's fine - perfectly normal and acceptable feature of most games.

    Where GGS goes wrong is by deliberately making it difficult for the lower/non spenders to get anywhere near the rewards that can be achieved by spending - so people turn to things like bots to redress the balance. Eventually bot usage becomes so widespread that GGS are forced to recognise that players will not put up with deliberately cumbersome game operstions - so, finally, we are gradually seeing some significant improvements in gameplay. If bot usage continues to drive Empire improvements it can only be good for the game.
    GamerGac5754 @ en 1

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