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Update: New Achievements

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edited 18.04.2017 in Update Announcements

ggempire-iconxtaakpngNew Achievements

After taking on board some suggestions from the community we have implemented a variety of new achievements into the game. These include achievements for:

  • Supporting alliance members

  • Defeating Foreign Invaders and Bloodcrows

  • Upgrading your Hall of Legends (previous upgrades will be automatically calculated)

  • Healing your wounded units.

For those that never completed the Alchemist achievements, these will be not visible anymore but you can still reach the highest achievement level and rewards with or without completing them.

Work hard to earn these achievements and become the castle lord your people need!

ggempire-iconxtaakpng Recruitment performance improvement

We have improved the server performance for recruitment. These improvements are aimed at creating faster calculation and loading times, resulting in a smoother playing experience.

ggempire-iconxtaakpng Re-factoring of the World Map

Following a development effort lasting several months, a full refactoring of the World Map has been concluded.

This will improve the stability of the World Map data and will allow a much higher flexibility in the future.

ggempire-iconxtaakpng Royal Capital Bonuses Removal

The battle for the royal capital has been temporarily put on hold while we make improvements to the overall system design. This step has been taken in order to improve known balancing issues and make the feature more competitive in the future.

To ensure fairness, the royal capital bonus, food production and title will be disabled in this update for the controlling alliance.

You can ask questions about the update as usual HERE in this thread.

The update will be happening tomorrow (19/04/2017) between 10.00 and 13.00 CEST!

Stay Awesome!

Your Empire Team


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