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  • K1LLER (US1)K1LLER (US1) US1 Posts: 561
    I have encountered 3 issues in last 2 days:
    1) Day before Yesterday, I have bought an offer http://prntscr.com/ew9j36, and I have spent 10,000 Rupees on it, according to it i should get 7242 troops,however i got only rubies not troops.
    2)Yesterday my troops (4600 - 2300 ranged and 2300 Melle) suppose to return from my newly captured outpost(-MATADOR-) to my one of the outpost named OP2, But I am not able to find them now however their food consumption is still there. I have tried my level best to find it if i sent them to somewhere but nothing found in travel overview. I have deleted browser cache and re logged in, still the same situation. 
    3) Created tickets for both the issue and got same ticket number, :expressionless:  Ticket#201704141001  

    And the biggest issue with GGE is, they don't have man power and they take almost a month to reply on the tickets. 

    Question is if I am buying something to do something today, what the use to get it after a month.

    Also there is no compensation for the same from GGE.

    Ha ha ha:

    Found another bug when I was suppose to post this discussion:

    if you click on preview, below will be result:

    Damn, seems GGE testing team is damn lazy and they don;t know how to test the application.

    Ranjan Barua
    I have never had a problem with GGE support, although I am the 1% according the forum's complaining. It usually takes a little under a week to get everything through with GGE support.  
    My last time I had a prob I got an answer in 12 hours :P
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