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How do I increase market barrel amounts for outposts?

There should be a newbie category for all my questions. lol

I noticed the quantities have increased for my outpost transfers. My castle and my two outposts all have different transfer amounts. 
I want to increase the transfer capacity for the outpost located the greatest distance away.
I don't know how to do that.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance.  


  • You have to build a market in each castle. they go to lv5, then you have to wait for a special architect event to get them maxed to lv7.

    Any research, or the option to ruby buy larger barrows in the King's Market/Specialists will effect all barrows in all lands.

    When you get to the level to begin construction yard buildings then there is another option of building special "widgets" I call them for each of your marketplaces that can add additional barrow capacity.

    The current maximum barrow with everything in the game maxed is 35,625. ( I think the old max before the construction yard update was 20,625)

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