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Building Materials...Again

@BM ang1243 

Here's another bit%# thread about the construction yard materials..or lack there of

I told myself I wouldn't waste tabs anymore, but I have a lot of Sammy tabs saved up so I bought the max 8 common materials bags since I have thousands of everything else but never any sand. 1300 tabs for 1 bag, 6/8 had the minimum 6 sand in it, the other 2 had 15. That's less that 100 pieces of sand for over 10k tablets turned in. That's not even enough sand to do 1 upgrade for most of the last few levels of these widgets. This is just ridiculous.

Not to mention your ruby price for buying extra bags, even when they are 70% off the price is too high for what you can get (BTW you got me, I tried buying 2 bags of sand, can get 6-48 pieces, when it was 70% off. 10k rubies for 2 bags and I got 6 in both) Well played GGE, but I wont even try that again unless you try a 99% off deal.

I know you guys have a lot of things going on, but instead of these ridiculous updates you have planned that nobody wants to see why don't you continue improving the half ass releases you've made over the past year? Continue improving this construction yard feature, fix alliance tourney and city events, improve Thorn, Underworld, Blade Coast like you've mentioned months ago. Storm definetly needs improvement, Its outdated and worthless as an event, especially for a month long one



  • Easy solution mate. Get them from event rewards and don't waste tokens or rubies on them. I returned 700 sand and bricks from doing sams and a bit of eric's challenge in a day...
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  • Of course I get every bit from every event, it's not enough. And by your 700 I know you don't mean 700 of each. even 350 of each sounds like a stretch for one event and some monthly rewards. sands and bricks are just way to scarce for the cost of the builds and all the different ones we would want to build. If you want to build max food ones for your casltes the first 5-6 levels pretty easy, the last 4-5 levels at 15 per castle x 7 castles will never be done unless you do nothing else.

  • dreamtree (US1)dreamtree (US1) US1 Posts: 1,366
    I can't imagine wasting 10k tablets to get so few fine sand. Something needs to be fixed.
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  • I can't imagine wasting 10k tablets to get so few fine sand. Something needs to be fixed.

    IKR, I cant imagine people are buying these stupid bags at 19K rubies a piece to get 6 pieces of sand, but Im sure there's a few. I think the fact we are seeing 70% off sales already shows they don't sell, GGE needs to stop running sales and rework the system for them
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 20.03.2017
    The ruby prices for these bags I think should be permanently reduced to a much more reasonable price. The 19,000 rubies might be unreasonable even for ruby whales and so like what DHDF22 mentioned the system for them may need to be reworked. GGS could very easily at least cut that 19,000 ruby price in half permanently and still possibly not make much of a sale off it, except for when their is a discount for a much lower price than the 9,500 amount for rubies. I think that GGS could very easily rework the system for ruby bags and I honestly don't know why they have not done that yet. I have bought sand before with rubies, but this only occurred once which was because of the 70% discount and me being a ruby buyer as well. However, despite that I need sand the most I would not often buy it with rubies because of its expensive costs even though I am a ruby buyer as well. Also important to keep in mind as well that if you have more than 19,000 rubies you could also very easily by accident spend the 19,000 rubies on a ruby bag that you might even regret buying and wished that you could get your rubies back, but there possibly being no way for that to happen even if you were to send a ticket. Important to keep in mind that even with lucky coins the 19,000 rubies for just one bag is still very expensive. That is an equivalent of 10 lucky coins to cover the costs for only one bag. What does BM ang1243 think about DHDF22's ideas and my own? @BM ang1243
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