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When is a breach of T&Cs NOT a breach of T&Cs?



  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
    edited 12.03.2017


    Fine, let's parse words.

    1. For the sake of argument, let's say that what I said was an insult to Abbie.

    insult 1. speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.

    Referring to Abbie as 'a magpie infestation' IS an insult.

    2. I did NOT rebuke you for insulting Cheza.

    rebuke 1. express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behaviour or actions.

    I read it and the only parts I remember easily are the scathing comments about other players in some personal feud, or the sarcastic insults.

    That is a critique; you are criticizing my post and disapproving of the 'sarcastic insults' therein.

    3. Therefore, there was no hypocrisy.

    You 'insulted' Abbie, you criticized me for insulting Cheza so therefore, you ARE indeed a hypocrite.

    Now, given that the rest of your post was based on your mistaken view that you are not a hypocrite, I find no reason to address it further but do feel free to explain it to me again.

    You are right; this is fun. :)

    Oh how badly I miss the forum battles that took actual effort (e.g. Mnight, Redneck_Rampage, Andrew Milner, etc.).  What we have here is just sad.

    To be honest, your grasp of our shared language concerns me at this point, and one has to wonder, is it just you or are most of the ladies and gentlemen of the English server of the same cognitive ability?  You know, if English is a second language for you, please let me know and I will happily change how I address your shortcomings (since language and grammar wouldn't be quite fair then... I admire people who know two or more languages).

    Okay so I've proven to all who know English that you're full of beans.  But you remain steadfast in your efforts to try and be an aggrieved party for some reason.  So instead of repeating myself to someone who doesn't care, I'm going to use a nice little prize you've given me: your own words to refute you:

    "rebuke 1. express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behaviour or actions."

    Notice the condition there... "express sharp disapproval or criticism."  I will make this lesson in grammar easy for you.  You can rewrite the above sentence this way:  "Because of their behavior or actions, one expresses sharp disapproval or criticism."

    Got it, right?  Well in case it's obvious to everyone except you... the behavior and action was noted by me, but no expression of opinion was offered.  In fact, it's just as likely that I approved of it, enjoyed it, or even got a little horny!  But of course, you would have no clue because I did not express any approval, disapproval, criticism or extol such behavior. 

    And before you get all up in arms and start yammering at me for suggesting that I'd ever dare to extol you... extol is a good thing.  Yes, I'm quickly learning not to take for granted your knowledge of words, but you leave me no choice.  (I meant it earlier, please let me know if English is your 2nd language and I'll cease picking on you for something you should be commended on instead).

    Now that we've gotten this far, is this a good time to point out that stating a fact is not a criticism?  Perhaps you've even figured it on your own by now, but pointing out that you lob insults and scathing comments at people is NOT a criticism.  You understand that right?  Yay!!!!   Now, if I were to say "You insult people and I love it!"  that would be a sign of approval.  If I were to say "You insult people and that is not a good thing" then right-o boy-o, an approval or criticism was just lobbed your way.  Another example, to drive it home: if I say "you just kicked Abbie and broke her spleen" that is not a critique or rebuke.  If said "you just kicked Abbie and broke her spleen, how dare you, you monster!" or "you just kicked Abbie and broke her spleen, but you should have aimed higher and gone for the sternum instead" then we definitely have a winner!  Criticism and Rebuke cashed in.

    Now we're into more advanced territory, and if you've been learning then you realize there actually was a critique in my post.  It had nothing to do with what you're suggesting, but it was there nonetheless.  I offer this nugget to you freely, but please try not to abuse more of our glorious language and grammar in your efforts to appear correct.  I critiqued the way in which you are attempting to get people behind you in your efforts to get GGE to change things.  It is not a critique of you saying anything to Cheza or anyone else, it is a critique of the method you are using in your efforts to obtain a result.  An effort which I have not stated approval or disapproval of, mind you.

    You are probably itching to deny these self-evident truths, but even that critique of your method was not a rebuke!   You STILL don't know whether I approve or disapprove of you using insults, etcetera.  You only know that I'm saying your tactic is likely not an effective one to achieve what I've guessed your goal to be. 

    Now that we're done beating you up with both my logic AND yours, I think it's time to move on.  You already cannot be more wrong than you have been, so it's a dead-end in that direction.  Which means there's no longer any benefit to me if I were to enjoy that sort of thing (not saying I do, just pointing out you're at ground zero).

    I do look forward to seeing some "rightness" from you in future posts, but for Heaven's sake please stop trying to pretend you were rebuked or criticized just so you could drum up an argument, lol.  Do that on things that you can plausibly claim to be correct on instead.  I.e. pick your battles :)

    Speaking of battles, I've given you a number of things you can take offense to in this reply (because being nice did not work in my previous attempt).  So if you'd like to berate me for mocking you, or if you'd like to make fun of the length of my replies, spelling mistakes, etcetera, those and other things I can think of are fair game and probably worthy of a few LOL's from people.  So have at it and better luck in the future!
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    Manatee @ usa 1
    My ideal method of suicide: climbing Ultimo's ego and jumping to his IQ
  • You got 3 in your alliance can I borrow one?
    Lol, only one Warrior? Your losing your touch or, are you getting in a mess with all those passwords :D

    `You were a pest in inferno hence I wanted to boot you but people wanted to keep ya. Wheres your friends? Princess has abandoned you- everyone is where they are for a reason... `

    Abandoned? Do you actually know anything? Please refrain from preaching what you have no idea about.
    I don`t buy rubies i prefer diamonds.
    xx Princess xx
  • Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270
    @himnextdoor (GB1)

    Came here to see whats going on and it looks like your still crying,

    even your princess has left you...
  • mnight (US1)mnight (US1) US1 Posts: 1,430
    Oh how badly I miss the forum battles that took actual effort (e.g. Mnight, Redneck_Rampage, Andrew Milner, etc.).  What we have here is just sad.
    I knew you missed our epic essay/rap battles. C'mere, lets get that pizza.
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  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
    edited 15.03.2017

    No, actually, you cannot but you could rewrite it: Because you disapprove or are critical of my behaviour or actions, you express yourself.

    Your disapproval and the fact that you are critical of me is implicit in your very first post to me...

    HND - You made such a small mistake in assuming that I disapprove or was critical of you, yet it has colored your thinking and led to paragraphs and paragraphs of you being so stubborn and wrong it's comical.  And the more you are shown otherwise, the harder you try and pretend to be a victim.

    Your argument has already been shown as a farce, and I cannot make you look any more foolish to the community than you've already managed to do on your own (I just greased the rails a little bit when you refused to be reasonable.  It certainly wasn't hard to do).

    You are free to continue trying to pretend that you are a victim and making some kind of continuation of your failed argument.  Have fun!  I will simply direct people to the previous few pages of this thread.  It's over bud, lol.  I'm not so cruel that I will continue to do this to you.

    If you would like to harass me about something else, I'm open to that!  You could certainly use the blank slate.

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    Manatee @ usa 1
    My ideal method of suicide: climbing Ultimo's ego and jumping to his IQ
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711

    Blank slate? Like the one between your ears?

    You have learned what 'rebuke' means - You should consider yourself educated, rebuked and move along. This is the one that got away. Don't cry though. :)

    I have been rebuked by you, but you have not been rebuked by me.  Your ignorance of language and grammar, and insistence otherwise, does not change that.

    HND, know when to admit defeat and move on, lol.  The insults are fine, a good one makes me laugh (I send a few myself), but I do recommend finding a new argument where you haven't been schooled so badly.

    Also, I was not trying to troll you, so I apologize for that becoming the result nonetheless.  Your failure in our little argument, and my keeping your nose in it, just sort of... happened.  It's no longer even relevant to the original subject matter.

    You might have better luck with WarriorDude7 maybe, I dunno.

    Manatee @ usa 1
    My ideal method of suicide: climbing Ultimo's ego and jumping to his IQ

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