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When is a breach of T&Cs NOT a breach of T&Cs?



  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
    Very biased post. All I'm getting from this is HND thinks everyone who has a farm account is a multi.
    Venom @ Asia - Member for Drunken Fist
    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

    Best player on the test server B)

  • Mikeshot2 (GB1)Mikeshot2 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 301

    better to be transparent with nothing to hide - than an obscured view from being full of   -    "insert a word here" 

    and claim it as mine at a  later date.

  • Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270
    So you guys as still fighting?
    Kind of dead and a waste of time to be honest.
  • cheza2000 (GB1)cheza2000 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 270

    Well I guess that is what I get for trying to engage in a civil way with a person who has demonstrated time and again he lacks the capacity for civil conversation. 

    Point of correction – I made comments when you turned your unique verbal style in Philt’s direction, a Praetorian player, I am not jumping to CG’s defence. Do not attempt to put words in my mouth or change the meaning of what I said for your own marketing purposes.

    You want to throw insults at me then let’s keep it simple shall we and make it just what I have said to you, and you to me? I said once that I believed you had 'lost the plot' as the person I had known had never spoken to me in the style you do though you are undoubtedly still the same person as your grammatical style is the same. I have not called you anything inappropriate nor have behaved in an inappropriate manner. People are welcome to read previous threads and see for themselves.

    You want to market yourself as a victim of all this abuse. Yet you dish it out quite happily. In this thread alone you have implied I am stupid, that my opinion is worthless, and that I lie, that I am a thief, along with a ‘clever’ play on the name of our alliance to imply I am a Pratt. Surely most people would find “mealy-mouthed platitudes” quite insulting when being used to describe their comments?

     “Historically, and I have been harping on about this since July, whenever I have brought up these concerns, it has been the same people, Cheza, Plum, Philt, Mikeshot, CG players, PG players that have come out in direct opposition to my airing of these problems on the forum and as we have said before, whom but a pick-pocket would object to the erection of 'Beware of the Pick-pockets' signs?”

    I have come out in opposition to you and your style (and personal attacks) not actual gameplay issues. And when I have posted? Well you have replied with such lovely posts. You have been demeaning, condescending, made sexual slurs (including implying I had a preoccupation with male ejaculate) and consistently spoken in an aggressively hostile manner.  That kind of behaviour is thuggish, in my opinion, and should have no place in this forum, or indeed anywhere.  

    Feel free to ignore my previous suggestions and carry on as you are. That way, I’m sure it won’t be long before you are banned again.



    cheza2000 @ en 1
  • Manatee (US1)Manatee (US1) Posts: 2,711
    edited 10.03.2017

    Hmm, your first post to me referred to my friend as an 'infestation'. Do you know what that makes you, Manatee, apart from being wet behind the ears? It makes you a hypocrite.

    Buy hey, you never know; Cheza might jump on a plane to come and meet her double-dealing watery hero, huh?

    No, it was just some good-natured humor was all.  Just like when you said some little joke about manatees to me once.  I like stuff like that.  I do hope you realize I don't really think one of you is a turtle, or a magpie, lol.  That would be a real shame because I thought an infestation of magpies was rather silly and funny.

    You're going to have to explain how I'm a hypocrite though, since I have no problem with jokes or teasing, or even your scathing comments to people.  Seriously I don't, they are fun to read, and so are peoples' responses to you.  

    If you'll recall, I was saying that your messages are not taking hold with the community, and if you would like them to take hold, then a good step would be to stop all of the personal attacks, mean-spirited sarcasm, or otherwise giving the ones you have feuds with a tongue-lashing.  If that's not what you'd like, however, then don't.  It's that simple, and doesn't bother me either way.  There wasn't really any other point to my post, it was just me trying to figure out what your goal is here, and offer some advice at achieving it.

    So no, my bit of levity in the earlier post does not make me hypocritical in regard to my free advice in the latter post.  One was just some humor.  The other was just some advice.  There's no need to overthink it. 

    Hence, when is a breach not a breach? You refer to Abbie as an infestation, you get a 'lol', I call a spade a spade and I get a ban... This is 'protectionism' and while you may be for 'protectionism' when it suits you, you are undermining the values of free expression.

    It's because people knew I was: 1) not being serious 2) not being mean spirited 3) not doing anything other than having good-natured fun.  Humor in a positive way can elicit a laugh, but scathing negativity, even if true, normally does not.  Well sometimes it does, if it's derision that others enjoy seeing.  You see the difference though, yes?

    Now I do concede that you might think talking about abbie and turtles and magpies was a horrible thing, and that my playful prose about an infestation was meant with malice.  In which case just let me know and I'd be happy to renounce my prior post.  Furthermore, I would promise never, ever, ever to use the words abbie and magpie in the same sentence again so that there is no risk of people thinking I am maligning magpies. 

    There :) Parting shot humor aside, I want to reiterate that my post was about what you could do if you're looking for people to side with you in trying to get GGE to change things.  But if that's not what you're looking for, or if you don't like the advice, then don't heed anything I've said.  Completely up to you and I won't think differently of you either way.
    Post edited by Manatee (US1) on

    Manatee @ usa 1
    My ideal method of suicide: climbing Ultimo's ego and jumping to his IQ
  • Venom (ASIA1)Venom (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 2,232
    Can we all just ignore these threads from now on? It is just wasting space on the forum, if he bumps the post he will get banned and need to make a new account for the forum and waste his own time.

    (Yes call me a hypocrite because I already commented twice)
    Venom @ Asia - Member for Drunken Fist
    Venom @ Australia - War Marshal for Shadow Lords!!

    Best player on the test server B)

  • marc58 (GB1)marc58 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 836
    Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh do excuse me ;-) 
  • gazz65 (GB1)gazz65 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 675
  • Right HND this time you have gone to far, AA was never a multi accounter and he was a decent player who believed strongly in the rules, he got rid of his old account and started BL , do not  attack a decent gentle man of the game who was held in high respect by many in the game for his fair play and decency, we gave his account a fitting farewell, he never pw shared and see its gone to ruins, how can you bring a man dearly loved and lost in terrible circumstances, who cannot defend hsiself and treat him like this to far this time way to far you are a MONSTER no other word for you  
    mulam returns @ en 1
  • Molson Beer (US1)Molson Beer (US1) US1 Posts: 8,443

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