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We need new Moderators!

ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE

Empire Family Forum Invasion!

Dear Community,

A fair few things have changed in the last months concerning our Empire Community, with our knights from the Bugwatch being available for you in the forum, the opening of the Open Test server, Closed Beta server and a consistent cycle of surveys you can take part in in the game. All of which contribute or are contributing to and enabling our development team to follow and understand your desires for the future of Goodgame Empire.

But there is more to come! A new invasion is going to hit Empire, but this time around there are no Samurais or Nomads... there is no enemy :) This new invasion will take place in the forums and it’s meant to bring the community and the team behind Empire even closer.

Several Lords and Dames from the other side of the Empire will join some of our forums to have direct contact with you, to answer questions, gather direct feedback and stay up to date with what’s moving the community.

Yes, you guessed right! These invaders come straight outta’ our Empire development team, they are the designers, developers, artists and producers that work day after day to expand  and maintain the whole Empire for you.

So don’t be shy and go say hi to them, but please keep in mind that they have to focus on maintaining the game and will not always be available.


  • DTxDTx Empire Family Posts: 1
    Hello everyone.

    I'm a server developer at Goodgames. I've been working here for a little over one year. I'm originally from Brazil, so I can write in Portuguese and English. My German is still quite basic, I'm learning though.

    For hobbies, I mostly play games, watch series and films.

  • salve vorrei solo sapere se avete intenzione di rimettere il vero berimont non quello nel verde e anche il torneo delle capitali così posso regolarmi se continuare a giocare o meno 

    grazie     gabry 1961
  • CM EvokeCM Evoke Posts: 801
    edited 07.03.2017
    Hey @gabry1961 (ASIA1)

    salve vorrei solo sapere se avete intenzione di rimettere il vero berimont non quello nel verde e anche il torneo delle capitali così posso regolarmi se continuare a giocare o meno 

    grazie     gabry 1961
    Information on the Battle of Berimond will be available later today. We will also give you more details on our plans with the Alliance Tournament in the Roadmap post that will follow in the upcoming days.

    Welcome @Dtx !

    - Rosie

  • grazie per la risposta
  • hò mandato mail al supporto ma ancora non hò avuto risposta sapete dirmi se il bpnus punti valore di berimont funziona perchè ieri non ha funzionato

    non voglio di nuovo spendere a vuoto

  • I don't know if this is related to the bug fix or not, but our alliance, Freedom Rangers, has being relentlessly pummeled by a much stronger alliance (SwampCrocs).  In the last 24 hours, our main castles have been hit 3-4 times, as well as our castles in all other worlds.  We have no idea why they have declared war on us, they are not near us, and they are hitting us all over and over and over again.  We can do nothing to stop us.  It seems like they want to totally destroy us, so we cannot recover.
    Since this has never happened like this before, could this be related to the bug?
  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    edited 16.03.2017
    LeMouse said:

    Le Mouse? Who is Le Mouse?

    Well, a good question, since he is unfortunately a relatively unknown character.

    Even if you can meet him in most events in the whole Empire.

    Ha! tinyhappyclapwithbounce plz You're that delicious looking mouse that's in all the events. I couldn't stop drooling and licking my lips every time I saw you. RIP juicy mouse   Fangirl by Zmann966

    Uh, CM Evoke, is eating an employee of Goodgame Studios considered an infraction? Oh well, it's just a mouse...

    *pounces, sinks teeth into LeMouse's furry little neck, and is about to bite down*
    LeMouse said:

    Currently I’m mostly interested in games such as [...] World of Warcraft and [...]

    *drops LeMouse*

    Alright, I am going to stay far away from you then. *shutters*

    I can already feel the evil vibes coming from this mouse. *cringes* Anything that plays World or Warcraft is probably demonically possessed!
  • GreenArrowGreenArrow Empire Family Posts: 2
    edited 17.03.2017
    Dear Lords and Ladies of the Great Kingdom,
    I am not a man of big words so here is my small introduction:
    • Day Job: Designer
    • Night Job: Robber baron fighting vigilante
    • In GGS: Since 2014
    • Languages: German (native) and English
    • Best buddy: The Dark Knight
    • In my free time: No free time

  • Gobygirl3 (US1)Gobygirl3 (US1) Posts: 170
    edited 17.03.2017
    Why doesn't each employee newly introduced to us here start their own thread to ask questions unique to their duties and to tell us their scope of work so we know what to ask them about in that thread?

    Also, could we restrict this forum to the English language?  Among other things, it's bothersome to have search results include other languages.
  • SteelSlayer (US1)SteelSlayer (US1) US1 Posts: 494
    battle of berimond never comes lol :D

    and gabry don't worry wait is still in months lol

    Beri is literally tomorrow....

  • what is the test serv and how do i access it. if its the begining of a new serv would be much interested and more inclinded to purchase rubbies.
  • Welkome


    Le Mouse

    Green Arrow

  • WylkaWylka Community Manager Posts: 1,075
    Hello everyone, 

    we took a deper look into an old thread again, which revolves around the announcement that several employees from different departments at our company would join the forums during the course of future. 

    Back then this was indeed something that we did and went on with and several employees of other departments came to the forums. 
    Nowadays this topic/thread is still open and from time to time apparently open for discussion on when new ones will join for the so called Empire Family Forum Invasion. 

    Our other departments have their planned and fix schedules and are occupied with for example working on new features, fixing bugs, testing the game, just to mention a few of their responsibilities, so their duties at work are sadly not allowing them to actively participate on the forums the way they would like to. 

    But that's also the reason why we have our wonderful moderators, where every single on of them is doing an incredible job at supporting us on the forums, informing us about everything that's Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms related and reaching out to you as well, in order to inform you about new updates, bug fixes, server downtimes, etc. 

    Besides that the forum itself is also a place where the main focal point lies and rests on the actual dialogue and interaction between the players themselves, together with the moderation on our side. 

    Of course the Community Managers as well will be active on several forums (depending on their language skills of course) and your feedback will always be read and forwarded to the related departments! 

    Last but not least also our QA-Team will keep on reading and writing in the Bug section and reply on your various threads and reports as well. 

    In conclusion we want to announce that we will be closing this thread, due to the aforementioned reasons and so that it won't be considered as a confusing thread anymore. 

    Beste regards,
    Your Empire Family 
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