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BUG - Samurai are removed players

Hello there!

Just want to post a little bug in the game here. If i attack a Samurai (Samoerai-kamp) i see that the Samurai are now removed players (Verwijderde speler). I don't think it's right so i wanted to tell you guys.

Hello everyone!

Good to see you. I'm Lucas from the dutch server (NL1) and i play in an amazing Alliance called Two Towers. I really enjoy playing the game. If you want to make contact with me leave a message here or if you are from the dutch server message me there!

Kind regards Lucas1999

BUG.png 246.5K


  • Don't know about removing players but my ranking, score, plus all my tokens have disappeared .. plus all the coins i'd put into the Gold Colussus .. haven't looked at anything else yet :open_mouth:
  • My mistake, I do have my tokens .. just don't have any score and according to the board, I haven't earned any of the rewards so far .. that's all been wiped .. :(
  • Looks like everything is back now .. so all good .. :hushed:
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