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Play Empire wherever you are!

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Hey everyone!

Have you ever been in the situation where you would need to quickly set up your defenses, manage your food situation or start a new building process but you have no laptop or PC close by?

Or maybe you are chilling on your couch and can't decide if you should stay where you are or go all the way to your PC to play Empire?

Well, we might have a solution for you :) As some of you already know, there is a possibility to play Empire whenever you want and wherever you are directly from your portable device, using a free Flash-friendly browser app called PUFFIN BROWSER (Apple App Store/Google Play Store).

PUFFIN is an app available for both iOS and Android devices, which is quite easy to install and set up, as our brave commander Breor explains in detail on an Android device in this video:

Before you login please check your language and correct game server. There could be a wrong pre-selection.

To enjoy Empire in the best possible way, remember to un-tick the option "Block pop up Windows". Allowing pop up Windows you will be able to enjoy some important options like Facebook Connect, our Forum and our Shop!                     

iOS Devices:

To enjoy Empire in the same way on an iOS device, these are some pro tips on how to set up Puffin in the best possible way:

Allow pop up Windows (to access Facebook Connect, Forums, Payment Shop)

Step 1: Just click the options icon on the top right of the screen:

Step 2: Then the Settings icon:

Step 3: And finally, “Allow” pop-ups:

Keyboard and Mouse

  • To type any characters (login, ingame messages, product quantities) you can click the keyboard option:
  • To help you navigate through the environment you can enable the mouse option which will activate a visible mouse and trackpad:

Pretty easy, isn't it?

Disclaimer: Puffin is a 3rd party app developed by CloudMosa Inc. Goodgame Studios cannot be held responsible for problems caused by the usage of this app

Have fun everywhere you are!

Your Empire Team.
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