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Test Server emails

DHDF22 (US1)DHDF22 (US1) Posts: 452
Here's a suggestion, how about you guys stop spamming my email every day to "come back" to my account in the test server when you have it unavailable mmmkayyyy? That'd be great :-)


  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    That's why I didn't give them my email for the test server. :P

    Knew they'd do something like that...

    But on the bright side, you can come back to it now. It just reopened today. And you can put Goodgame on your spam-sender list so that all their emails to to the spam folder.
  • Huh, didn't even know it came back, I clicked the link in my email less than an hour ago and it wasn't there then. Glad they will openly announce these things lol.

    Not sure how you got into test server without email unless you just gave them a spam email address.

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