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Idea:Something to Increase a Commander's strength



  • No you're not...
    Happy n Proud Member of Blood Oath :)
  • Dark Venom (ASIA1)Dark Venom (ASIA1) Posts: 2,176ASIA1
    No you're not...
    You're right he is 700K+ player. Gonna take me a year to be able to take him on :P 
    Dark Venom on Asia1, and your mothers tinder dates list. 
    Paypal Me Money on US1, and at the local charity bins stealing clothes. (inactive until I get myself a new laptop).
  • Ah, yeah, this is a bad idea. The gap GGE has created is already driven tens of thousands out of this game. They aren't doing the right things to fix the problems either. 
    It seems some mod with a Napoleon Complex likes deleting people's signatures. Get a life. I called you on your BS and you single me out. Again. Get a life.

    Not buying a single ruby. Not feeding the gluttonous pig known as GGE. You have lost our trust!
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