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not offline bug again?

The bug that people go off, but stay online in the list is back again.

More people this frustration? 
Kings en Queens..


  • XeckzXeckz Posts: 70
    Hi Miss D,

    I was not aware of this and it has now been forwarded to the bug team so it can be looked into, if you have any screenshots etc of this bug then that would be a great help :)

  • I am also on the Dutch server, so maybe it is server related, but the problem is back since a few days.....

    A screenshot is not going to explain much, I think. But it is easy to explain. People say they are going to leave and  stay listed in the onlinelist. Yesterday, some of my alliance-members were surprised when I said; "i am back". They thought I was very quietly attacking nomads  ;)
  • Miss D (NL1)Miss D (NL1) NL1 Posts: 48
    Just what berser says, i don't think a screenshot will help..

    The problem is, a players goes offline, but stays online on chat !

    Is since last week, not with everyone..
    Kings en Queens..

  • Miss D (NL1)Miss D (NL1) NL1 Posts: 48
    The problem is still going on or back..

    Kings en Queens..

  • We have this problem on Nordic1 as well.
    Lollepop @ skn 1
  • Techie5879 (ASIA1)Techie5879 (ASIA1) ASIA1 Posts: 81
    Here too
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    Something for you all......

    That about sums it up :)

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