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Update: Max Button

ang1243 (GB1)ang1243 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 3,834

Dear Community,

Our next update is pretty small, but it will bring you two huge and convenient optimizations that will help you to keep the flow in the game!

But first we want to get you in the mood for these patchnotes with some very positive news. We sent out our scouts and they were able to locate the missing nomad camps that some people were experiencing! This means we were able to fix the missing camp issue in the Nomad Invasion! Thus they can start invading the Empire again really soon! More Bugfixes can be found in the Bug Changelog.

ggempire-iconxtaakpng  Another step towards a better performance

  • Server performance is a huge topic for everyone. Thus it is very important for us to make use of every option we have to stabilize the affected servers.

  • To do this, we worked on implementing additional monitoring to target systems that cause high server load.

  • This way we can identify specific problems faster and take action.

ggempire-iconxtaakpng  New MAX Button

  • You know this one already from our Alliance Cities and when donating to the alliance funds, but it is time to introduce this little aid to the whole Empire!

  • Sending resources has now become a whole lot easier with this new MAX button!

  • It takes the maximum possible amount straight from the selected resource storage.

  • This will make it a lot easier for you to send resources around! Pretty useful, huh?

ggempire-iconxtaakpngDisappearing Quest Book Bubble

  • Quest book and daily activity notification bubbles now disappear after a period of time.

  • You don’t have to click on it and open the daily activities dialog just to make the bubble disappear anymore!

But that’s not all!

As you can see, this update is pretty small but there is a reason for it. The whole team is already working         on the next update, which will be huge! Therefore we want to give you a little sneak peak at what will come to Empire at the end of November.

  • The monitoring implementation mentioned in the update above consists of two parts. The second part will come with this update and will help us overcome the performance issues even more.

  • A rework of our movement manager will also do its part for better performance.

  • Another way to improve server performance is by reducing the load from the battle logs tables. You will definitely notice the performance boost!

  • As mentioned in one of our recent statements, we will start tackling the Alchemist achievement problems. We will send out an appropriate in-game message and compensate affected players for their investments.

  • Automatic recruitment is finally coming to the Empire!

  • As promised in our Roadmap for Q4, we will also adjust the tax rates for kingdom resources!

  • The open test server will open its gates to our brave warriors!

  • And much, much more...

You can ask questions about the update as usual HERE in this thread.

The Update will take place tomorrow (17th November) at 11am CET

Best regards,


Your Empire Team

Bug Changelog (bugs reported by players):

  • Nomad Invasion/ Samurai Invasion: Camps not appearing in the game world, players cant take part.

  • Title - Relentless and Noble titles don't affect tool production speed

  • Attack - no attack horn displayed but player was attacked

  • Rankings - Users who don't have starter protection can't pick up their weekly ranking reward

  • Berimond - You can join berimond although the event is over

  • Island Kingdom: Possible to jump into the Kingdom through the detailed travel overview after reset; leads to deadend

  • Tools/units production - costs do not turn red after producing/recruiting if not enough resources left

  • Feedback button - tooltip and text in box not translated in several languages

  • Quests - Daily Tasks: Alliance forge task is blocked by daily task reset.

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