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SPLIT THREAD: Multi-Accounting Discussion - split from fairplay thread



  • HND,

    Trade......any outgoing player bequeathing the account would get a service from the player receiving the account because the player taking it over would be adding to the alliance?????

    How is that a trade? The outgoing player would be giving up an account built up at some cost and considerable time and effort and in return he gets what? Nothing you numpty as he walks away from the game, some trade there lol.

    Truth is that in those circumstances the word "trade" does not apply because there is no trade, the word "gift" or "bequeath" would be applicable which has been painstakingly pointed out already by myself, Phil and Andrew in posts above.

    It really isn't a difficult concept to grasp even for someone with a viewpoint as polarised as yours. Is it against the terms and conditions? It would appear not per se, is it right? Who knows, do the thing that has been suggested time after time and report it and stop trying to twist circumstances to support your biased argument. Try arguing facts not supposition and fantasy. If GGS are not bothered then what are you attempting to gain by the continual whipping up of bad feeling and inconsequential nonsense.

    Fairplay is one subject, what you are slinging about on here is quite another.


    I am against cheating, use of bots and general douchebaggery (those that indulge in such tactics know who you are and many others can spot you also).

  • I have to admit, the truth is we are all wasting our breath here, the truth is that there are multiple breaches of GGE's T&C's going on each and every day thousands of times a day, we all as players know it, we all as players know who is doing it.  But the truth is only GGE can do anything about it, no matter how much we talk about it.  The fact is it has been going on for so long with no meaningfull action ever taken against them, that they are getting bolder and bolder, secure in the knowledge that at worst they may get a few hours ban, but in truth its unlikley anything at all will happen.  And slowly over time its moved from some PW sharing, to mass PW sharing, to having a few low level accounts to help with res, to having level70 accounts for kingdom res to having alliances full of level 70 accounts for kingdom res, to players now having their own allainces full of level 70 accounts as their own personal farms.  To individual players running multiple accounts, for all manor of uses.  to the proliferation of bots / macros.  You can tell by the attitude of people on here, how much attitues have changed on this there have been threads on here that prove that with people going so far as to actually admit they have run multis.  So its an open secret at this point.

    If we as players know who is doing it you can be 100% sure GGE know about it,  yet they have done precicly zero about it, maybe they believe that if the cleared the multis off the map then there would be virtually no one left playing.  Maybe they foolishly believe that if the multis buy rubies then its still good for them not realising that most of the multis if they are spending its for a reason ie to save money overall ie if they spend money on one account its probably going to be saving more money  they would have spent on their real account.  Whatever their reason their total and utter lack of action has caused the game to be where it is today.  Its only GGE that can address this, we have seen that the rewards are just too big for alliances to address it individually.  The lure of being able to play at a higher level, be able to win, be able to play for less money etc. etc.  Are just too big.   So we are back to the beginning again.  If GGE dont address it no one will.  And we can call each other names till we are blue in the face.  And the proliferation of multis will keep accelerating until every player will be running multis, simply to keep up with those that already do, by then its too late the game will already be ruined.

    So this is not directed at any player or alliance this is to GGE, you KNOW that the game is plagued, by people breaking your own rules day in / day out.  Are you prepared to tackle this issue, if so how and when.  Or are you going to say ok we cant stop multis so we are going to allow all players to have / run them?  Because this thread is proof that doing nothing like you have been is not a viable option!!!!!!

    And as for the actual breaches of fairplay, within the game, well there in lies the problem of the fairplay agreement, ie if there is a breech of the agreement its down to the parties involved to try and sort it between them if they cant it will go to war and then all the rules are off anyway.  So whilst I agree in principal that fairplay rules are good for the server as a whole, so its not just anarchy.  The truth is if any one alliance decides to break the rules there is no punishment there is nothing in the agreement to deal with that, alliances are individual functioning units that sign up to it voluntarily there is no server police force to call.  ultimatly the clicking or the war button overrides any agreement, and there doesnt have to be any reason given doe wanting to start a war.

    Is it hypocritical ? is it wrong?  yes and yes sometimes, but what the alternative just rip up the agreement and go to anarchy, so the next time a new player tries to take an rv off me, I take the RV back off them then proceed to farm them out of the game?  or is it a better option for there to be an immediate remedy to deal with it?  If the players allaince genuinly believes its trong enough to take AND keep the rv's then simply by clicking the war button it can do so its not preventing new players getting rv's it just makes them think carefully the consequenses of doing so, because as you know taking an asset is the easy bit, keeping it is the difficult bit.


    Nicely written Phil.  Yes none of us are advocating this gaming style and possible breaches to T&C but simply trying to improve a game with what we can exert some control over.

    We all hope GGS will clean their house but in the end perhaps our efforts are best placed making improvements where our efforts do add some value.
    Andrew Wallace @ en 1
  • matt89 (GB1)matt89 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 12

    I am seriously not over interested in the Skype name(s) used in that arena - anymore than I am the name  of the player in any castle or account - so long as it is one player / the same player continuously  -  I did see plum suggest Skype screen shots is not substantial evidence for GGE to act on - and I would agree - as it could be "altered" - that is not a suggestion it has been - We are either going to sit pointing fingers and moaning - or suggest ways of preventing future abuse of the game - Why is this dragged back into what we already know - there are multies - there are cheats - this is never going to change - what we can do is make it less rewarding in future - to this end I would support - Fitting punishments? - I leave to the courts - and in this case GGE - One question I would ask was given the time you spent in CG - why has it taken you this long to find the moral high ground? No answer required on that - as I  would seriously just like to have good suggestions for benefit of the long term enjoyment of the game - and really do not want anymore threads on he did she did - - probably a waste of energy as so many seem to be only interested in playing forum games -  

    Yes but the point is your in bed with (so to speak lol) one of the biggest multi accounter's in the game, you've just taken over the server together, and the best you can come up with is to question my motives, where's the outrage at being conned into placing him (a multi cheat) at the top of the server ? I would be mad if i was you yet you don't seem phased by it.

    As for my taking so long to come forward with this stuff, i did know what was going on over there was wrong but it was only recently i woke up to just how wrong it is, hope you can understand it's been a big move for me to expose this stuff and risk losing all the hard work i put into my account, some of you will have seen the threats I've had over this. 

    Oh and i didn't just jump on the forum, i tried to sort it through the proper channels but you have all seen the response i got from moderator ang1243.

    would love to see the image of @Mikeshot2 (GB1)  and @Toe the tyrant (GB1) in Bed.... Come on mike show us all :) I think @abbiewalker (GB1)
    especially wants to see just how manly you 2 are
  • Give me your dinner money

    Lots of Love
    Gripper Stebson
    AmazingBrian7 @ en 1

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