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Goodbye Goodgame Empire

Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270
edited 02.11.2016 in General Discussion
Hi all,
I have decided to quit the game due to many reasons, main being time.
I have had fun playing and chatting with most of you people. Sorry to the people who hate me for whatever I have done. 
I have met some really great people during my time in GGE...

Blacklady: Good player who is calm and kind, 
Mako: A very humorous guy, 
old man: A very generous person, 
rblade: One of the few people who I played with at the start,also is a very generous person,
Tribox: Like rblade he was one of the few people I played with at the start, a loyal leader,
aquilaberserk: A very good and generous friend.
gwnm: The best leader of the best alliance in my opinion, an honest and fair leader.
Tranquil Tears: Thank you to tranquil tears for helping me while I was with them, an excellent friendly-alliance.

and the greatest of all...

Fujiwara: Greatest,Godly,Phenomenal,Legendary,Incredible,Generous,Fair,Honest...Just the Best. Thank you for responding to me with help everytime I spammed you with messages.

Also want to thank,popeye,steve (arcanine), evoke, wicked, bm xeckz and bm ang1243 for running the forums. And everyone else, Thank you! 

Image result for bruce lees quote

Roman :)

Good luck in the future everyone.


  • Bye mate, good luck out in the real world.   Report back to us no-lives to tell us how it is.


  • Sameehah (GB1)Sameehah (GB1) GB1 Posts: 7,483
    Goodbye and Goodluck :) 
    Your lucky you're able to leave this addictive buggy game that we mostly complain about lol
    Helllllooooo There

  • Cya Roman.... and good luck in real life

    Not active ingame anymore  [email protected] (back again) 

    [email protected] 

    Non-ruby buyer 

    [email protected] ResilientEmpire 

    Pop me a PM ingame or on forums if you want to join :) 

    My loot, first week back: 

  • Bye bye

    Now a General of Illuminati :)
    Last Rubies brought : Somewhere in July or August 2015
    "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." -Mahatma Gandhi
    "One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody." -Mother Teresa

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