Black Hawks (UK Server)

Hi All

Few rare spaces are going in Black Hawks, if you think you are a team player and likes to enjoy the game while also contributing something to the alliance than Hawks is for you :-)

Message me if interested :-)

Experienced Bloke, mercenary/Bounty hunter, I Help My Friends Always No Matter What Alliance They are in :-) Top 10 Player when not busy :)
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UK Server Lvl 70 with 100% experience (playing this game for 7 yrs) only as an addictive 3rd hobby though 
EX-Leader of Black Hawks, and had a significant role in all top 50 alliances on the UK server lol


  • Stealing his recruitment thread come on bro thats not cool lol
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    2 flags, there must be some pretty precious people in this forum.:/

    Ive changed my comment to make it sound like it was supposed to, a joke.

    Hope you get the members you need to extend your membership in Black Hawks. :p


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  • I am Recruiter General for this alliance. Should you wish to join us please message me in Game.
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