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RustleMania *THE RECKONING*: TM/MU/TFT Server War Battle Reports Thread-Newest

Happy 2 year Anniversary!
We would like to celebrate with yet another month of wrecking your troops.
You're running out of subs and merges.. aren't you glad you back-stabbed us??

Your day of Reckoning is near.  Tick Tock.

"Mark Night 5ever Crew"
"Misc Ginger Sloot Crew"
"Property of MoP Crew"
"Sold to TM Crew"
"Signs off when NTJeffery messages Crew"
"Uggs and Ipads Crew"
"Ersihoe Crew"
"Bishes do love winkies Crew"
"Stays back from edge of train platform because I distrust all other humans crew"


  • Taggart (US1)Taggart (US1) Posts: 548US1
    Nice reports.

    Why am I not seeing any reports from KoN tho?...

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  • Coolking4716 (US1)Coolking4716 (US1) Posts: 4,538
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    Damn, nice hits, but wont the 31st be the official anniversary? or did the whole thing go down a couple days before halloween?

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  • lj holder (US1)lj holder (US1) Posts: 251US1

    And a little Defense:

  • I love the ones where you send like 400 dudes and kill off 3k :P Beast...

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  • lj holder (US1)lj holder (US1) Posts: 251US1
    Since those last reports

  • abbie24601 (US1)abbie24601 (US1) Posts: 411US1
    edited 25.10.2016
    This thread has been up for 10 hours and already 200K dead KON troops.   Nice work, everyone.  Very impressive!

    Happy Anniversary, KON!



  • K1LLER (US1)K1LLER (US1) Posts: 561US1
    Keep hitting HeroAzure for me :D Love watching her get burned up
    Nice hits 
  • lj holder (US1)lj holder (US1) Posts: 251US1
  • lj holder (US1)lj holder (US1) Posts: 251US1

  • lj holder (US1)lj holder (US1) Posts: 251US1

  • Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270

    Image result for sad meme

    All the dead Kon troops...
  • curlbrah (US1)curlbrah (US1) Posts: 1,358
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  • curlbrah (US1)curlbrah (US1) Posts: 1,358
    Keep hitting HeroAzure for me :D Love watching her get burned up
    Nice hits 
    Why not join the fun? ;)
    curlbrah @ usa 1
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