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informaton on what happened to bsk 75

bsk was a alliance  with a very big family till.....

ao left the family 

cg went war with 2016 and force the out of the family
prea went to war with writh to force them out of the family 

cg, prea went to war with bsk 75 to get all the metros ect

then bsk members jumped to dhm 

so prea family and cg and rev  went war with dhm


  • FamousJohn8 (GB1)FamousJohn8 (GB1) Posts: 1,487
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    lol no incorrect , also you spent a while there so please call them atleast by their correct abbreviation

    DMH not DHM  Dead Hand Mans

    you have left out one BSK Alliance which wasnt there for long aswell

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  • Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270
    Is Crimson Guard allied with praetorians?
  • Estel (GB1)Estel (GB1) Posts: 270
    Is Crimson Guard allied with praetorians?
    Nominating you for Einstein of the year.

    Thank you.
  • Mikeshot2 (GB1)Mikeshot2 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 301
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    Like many empires in RL the fall of BSK was from within and as I am sure the Visigoths took credit for toppling the Roman Empire - what they did for sure was sack Rome after the Empire had effectively fallen due to Internal Conflict - some will take credit for the fall of BSK.

    Whatever the reasons for the fall it is what is next that matters and the biggest question I have been asked is does toppling one of the Powerbases to leave just a single powerbase truly give balance which is what so many wanted.  Truth is who knows but for certain the UK Server is better for not having the obsessive threat of Server War to do little more than feed the ego of an individual (s) and now perhaps we get a game environment with less hatred and bile.

    For those that now hold the power on the UK Server remember that it was this obsessive need and tyranny that you fought against and rather than replace this work towards a game of fun rivalries and respect for all regardless of time available to play or ruby spend.

    My personal viewpoint is now perhaps once the dust settles we do get the chance of a fresh start with fun rivalries rather than animosity but will there ever truly be balance in a strategic empire / gameplay?  Probably not since as much as you can try to re-assign assets for balance it is player strength that gives balance and with many of the strongest players consolidated in 2-3 Alliances balance will be hard to achieve. :)

    Indeed the truth is self destruction was the greatest weapon, the subsequent war just the broom that's sweeps up the ashes - balance is probably impossible - the next army recruited changes the balance - All we can now look forward to is fair play and a good spirit - a game we can compete as much as possible on a level playing field. Good luck to all on that mission.
  • Anyone interested in india 1? :P
  • GGE stopping the troop and eq offers would go a long way in the re-balancing of the game. The best re-balance would be start the game again.... Monthly Subscription,, fixed amount of rubies a month.... no offers = A flat and level playing field for all.
  • GGE stopping the troop and eq offers would go a long way in the re-balancing of the game. The best re-balance would be start the game again.... Monthly Subscription,, fixed amount of rubies a month.... no offers = A flat and level playing field for all.
    reversing the legend update will sort most issues .. the imbalance on this game was widened significantly due to it

    wars are over within hours as when 25 + players with 5/6 waves are hitting your alliance with full horrors - thats almost half your defenders gone in one mass... whilst recruitment speed has seen no update so you are in effect taking heavy losses quickly and not being able to replace them fast enough.

    i remember a good war at the top end could go on for two weeks easily and both alliances wouldn't be completely knocked out - granted the weaklinks in the alliance would be but there would be a fighting chance for the alliance as a whole.

    That is spot on , and back in those days I was the weaklink then Legendary turn up and well....  how things never change.

    They really need to just half the food consumption so you can hold twice as much along with 10+2 for recruiting rather than 5+1
    Gives a fighting chance without changing absolutely everything.

    Everything I say is strictly personal opinion and not in relation to my alliance or affiliates.

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  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    edited 18.10.2016
    The trouble is the alliances and players involved can't just sweep the legacy of this away perhaps if you had been operating in a void that would be possible.  To expect it to be forgotten is naive and wishful thinking.  

    Players openly admitted to breaching not just the in game rules players have collectively developed and adhered to over time but the rules of the game in the terms and conditions which we all sign up to.  The players involved are tainted by their involvement, their abuse of the rules and their failure to counter those abuses.  The reputation of once great alliances were in ruins long before the actually declined.  If you were involved your "attainted".  The rules won't now reset for you and you are fair game for any rules the server seek apply to you, you stepped outside what was acceptable and changed the game I for one will simply not play with you.  The only way fairplay will be achieved is when you leave the game or are removed.  

    We know what you did - you told us, we saw it and reported it - and we aren't okay with it.  You may try and console yourselves with the thought that you are the best players, that you have achieved something, all you've achieved is the disgrace of our server.  The English used to pride ourselves on our sense of fairplay well you burnt that too with your bought armies and your empty shells.  What have actually achieved infamy, loss of respect, loss of faith in your ability and your integrity.  Congratulations...    
    do you ever stop moaning ?
    Do you ever stop breaking the rules by playing an account that isn't yours.  Do you ever stop reminding players that your alliance permits you to break the rules and does nothing about.  I'll stop when GGE finally does the right thing and removes you from the game ;)

    Can't be much fun being a liability to your alliance and to our server though I do admit you do seem to manage it with a certain style, you must have an awful lot of money for them to have allowed you this much rope.  

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  • Batten (GB1)Batten (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,104
    There were old agreements in place with BSK which we agreed to adhere.  If they are no longer around all bets are off.  If you wanted to usher in anarchy this would be a good start.  Always a good idea to work out whether a pillar is load bearing before you knock it out.  Having the handcuffs off is a novel experience;)
    Batten @ en 1

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