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Deathrow Wraith vs Marauders



  • hacker (GB1)hacker (GB1) Posts: 131GB1
    edited 21.09.2016
    Marauders are AOs Wing @FamousJohn8 (GB1)


    wow wow wow wow wow WOW hold on a second right there!!!!! SERIOUSLY???  mauraders are BSK's wing?? come on guys if you can't win a fight don't say that your own alliance helped us
    Post edited by hacker (GB1) on
    Pleasure doing business with you  :) 
  • Hacker, either your Managment hasn't told you or your straying from what the truth mate. I was told to end the war with your alliance because of "connections" with ao, although it seems very hush hush.. Either way I bear not hard feelings against your alliance, it was an enjoyable war  :) In which both sides did well always good to have a p v p from time to time less of them seem to happen now with events so always good to practice and learn from it, it's a war game  ;)
  • Just seen all the junk that Deathrow Wraith have posted, You guys must wake up in the morning and think you are Onions!!!!
    We declared war after you tried to infiltrate our alliance with an account that you moved out of yours and was even stupid enough to move back in afterwards. Moonfang  declared no knowledge of this as you can imagine. Your utter nonsense that has been written on this thread has angered me as you can imagine. Do you think this is acceptable, i think not

    Dan20000 @ en 1
  • Yes your right I didn't know, but when you told me I kicked the player who tried it and the other multi I thought responsable, I like to play wars fair or they stop being fun, which means no Multis and I'm sorry I even had a multi in my alliance, I hate that and Pw sharing! both take the fun out of the game and seem like cheating to me. Why didn't you tell us u were connected to ao after ur triple tap or when u saw the mass or in the war?
  • Triple attack, your a joker. We hit 3 different players. You all talk pish. Trying to get help from other alliances to back your lot when you were in the wrong. I have messages saved but am not into shaming. You thought you had the upper hand getting players from your allies to attack us. We have been around a long time and know we don't have to stand for those tactics. You are not even in control of what is going on in your alliance and had to be updated by me, hilarious
    Dan20000 @ en 1
  • hacker (GB1)hacker (GB1) Posts: 131GB1
    ok just saw the rest of this thread and you haven't even attacked our top players and you are saying that you are doing well? i really wished that we could have a true fight well guess that will happen with another true alliance
    Pleasure doing business with you  :) 
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