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Hypocrisy with a capital CG

I am here not to request assistance but to offer it - I cannot be the only one who is sick to the eye-teeth of CG's hypocrisy, their double standards; their cheating and my alliance cannot be the only alliance that is being singled out; threatened... But I am, at least for the moment, of the mind that we are the only alliance who has the courage to stand up to the cowardice that fuels the success of Crimson Guard.

CG are in my view like the man who goes to the engraver's shop, purchases a trophy and then claims to have been a kick-boxing champion and as one who has received such trophies as a recognition of actual blood and sweat I have shed, I object on a visceral level.

After the BSK v CG (and others) war, my alliance was attacked five times a day on three days and individual players, myself included, were double hit which is a flagrant departure from the terms of the fair-play protocols. I contacted CG's diplomat with a PM in which I included a screenshot of the fair-play rules which contained a list of the alliances that had signed up to them; I underlined the names of three of the signatories, CG, Praetorians and PraetorianGuards and asked simply, 'Do these rules apply or not?'

In the PM I received as a response, CG's diplomat said that since it was a draft copy of the rules, the signatures do not count and therefore, the fair-play rules do not apply. By doing so, of course, CG's diplomat exhibited a deep misunderstanding of what makes an agreement binding. And no action was taken; not even an apology offered.

Two days later, another one of our players was attacked twice simultaneously by CG and so, before the attacks had landed, I PMed the diplomat again expressing outrage. And rather than attempt to stop at least one of the attacks, she prevaricated and obfuscated and insisted on me providing evidence that the same player was being hit twice despite the fact the SHE HAD A SCREENSHOT SHOWING THE TWO ATTACKS ON THE WAY... The attacks landed, I remonstrated with her and heroically, she stood down as diplomat saying, 'You don't get to bug me anymore'.

Now, I mention all of this simply to provide background, to outline the reasons I consider that CG are to this game what the Bolsheviks were to freedom of expression and I urge those who have similar issues to contact me in order to implement a solution to this problem on the basis that a fight against Bolshevism is a fight worth enjoining.

However, things have taken a more sinister turn lately and the leader of my alliance, a female, has received darker, more threatening message. (It is noteworthy that CG players seem to have a penchant for intimidating females. Praetorians and PraetorianGuards are not entirely guiltless in this respect either.) But before I enlarge upon this aspect of 'the problem', I would like to say something about the difference between a 'law' and a 'statute'...

In the context of this game, the Terms & Conditions as laid out by GGS are the 'law'; they do not require the consent of the community whereas the fair-play rules are 'statutes'; they require the consent of the community. It is a subtle yet distinct difference: Breaking a law carries a penalty whether or not one is cognizant of the law whereas an infraction of a statute carries a penalty only when it has been shown that a contractual obligation has not been met. And therein lies the problem - the 'statutes' only operate in one direction. CG can attack a low-level alliance five times a day, hit burning castles and send multiple hits on players and the offended party has no recourse but if a low-level alliance hits CG, CG can claim, even by a contrivance, that fair-play rules have been infracted and punish the perceived offender. This of course completely erases the notion of fairness from the fair-play protocols which are, in fact, put in place ostensibly to protect the assets of the more powerful alliances.

Because CG have decided that cheating is a viable weapon in their arsenal, we, as an alliance, have decided to adopt the use of fire casts and castle evacuations in order to deal with all their attacks on us. As a result, we conserve our troops and yield very little or no glory whilst at the same time, protecting our secure storage which prevents them from killing our troops by taking all our food. It would appear that this is frustrating a number of CG players and one in particular has taken to threatening our leader with the obliteration of our alliance. He has implied that the use of a fire cast is somehow illegal and has expressed a desire to wipe our 'grotesque alliance' from the map...

And this is more than I am prepared to stand for!

Now, it is one thing to cheat and exhibit hypocrisy and double standards vis a vis the 'statutes' of the game but it is another thing entirely to treat the 'law' with such disdain.


It is my intention to hold GGS's feet to the fire over this. I can think of nothing more disgustingly detestable than an insecure little man who pays hundreds of pounds to GGS in order to experience the illusion of power, a coward who thinks he instils such fear into others that he can bully them into playing this game according to rules he himself has concocted and I WILL NOT HAVE IT!

As soon as I am finished with this post, I will be creating a document replete with screenshots of the messages he has inflicted on our leader and I intend to do all in my power to have him banned according to the letter of the law.

And so, to finish: If anyone who reads this post is having difficulties of a similar nature, please contact me and I promise you I will do everything I can to help you overcome what you may erroneously consider as an insurmountable problem. If you can demonstrate that your game experience is being significantly affected in an adverse way, then the 'law' is being broken and GGS has a self-imposed obligation to right such a wrong. All the rubies in the world cannot endow anyone with a right to bully you out of the game. Don't leave; stay... and fight.




  • having been hit by toe the tyrant on my OP which was on fire, sent him a message asking why, also sent their leader saying been hit whilst on fire from less than 20 clicks (so much for Fairplay rules), only message i got back was who did he hit,told him it was me, no apology was given and not heard a thing since, totally agree that CG seem to play by their own rules nowadays and couldnt give a toss about breaking fairplay rules to suit themselves
  • really alot of defence put up from cg here

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    and extremely well put post @itchtytwit (GB1)
    Proud n Happy Member of CG

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    Just  stop talking sht  and become author, i loved ur story earlier

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    Last Shadow spent the entire war jumping in and out between CG and DMH - Where was the 'even-handed referee' them?

    Jumped once and has nothing to do with dmh, Please don't exaggerate,
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