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Gallantry Points/Titles

In order to make the Berimond events more appealing something has to be done about maintaining gallantry titles.

These titles lose 10% per day like glory titles after a certain point. This is ridiculous since not only can we get glory at any time, not just when a certain event is here, but glory can be gotten at a million points at a time if you're lucky enough to get a nice big WOR target. The highest possible Gallantry point hit you can make with full ruby boosters is between 5-6k.

Gallantry points should only lose 2% per day max, no matter your level. Also, if you slide below the 95k mark you should not lose any of those perks of being top 1,20,50,100 between events until a new Beri event pops up, since you are in fact still holding that ranking.

On top of this adjustment I suggest making Beri/Green camps worth @25k coin like others. The defensive combinations on these camps can be harder and lead to many more losses than the Nomad/Sams type camps. All the troop loss requires feasting, lots of recruiting and healing to compete, turning the event into nothing but a huge coin drain.

Most active event players like myself usually skip right over the Beri/green event, and now I am waiting on one last armor piece if it ever comes around and have no use fro the regular Beri event as well as i dont even try to maintain points anymore. At least the towers in the regular event are worth coin, something to hit only if I'm bored now.


  • I agree with the points lost per day.It's really annoying and we only can earn a little gallantry points per battle.

    I feel it's worth it using a lot of coins because you earn 20-25 rubies and around 15,000(Not sure about the coins)  coins per battle.If you collect mantlets before the event you will need coins to only recruit and heal units.
    A proud non-ruby buyer.
  • As is the rule in this game, they have made the berimond system as it is, so they can earn the most money. Ruby whales are willing to spend the cash to maintain their berimond titles and therefore goodgames will not change anything about it. Only if the rubywhales stopped spending stupid amounts of money to maintain their berimond titles, then goodgames would consider changing the system in berimond.
    MrKennyKRH lvl 800 @ skn 1

  • I feel it's worth it using a lot of coins because you earn 20-25 rubies and around 15,000(Not sure about the coins)  coins per battle.
    Yes, the regular Beri event is a good coin payout, the Beri in Green event has no coin payout though. It costs more coins to send your army to the camp than you get as a reward, let alone all the troops that event kills
  • Could not agree more!
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