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The Jade Flames-Story

Greetings all foumrers of GGE. I am going to attempt to write a story. One of action, adventure, and of great loss. This story will be posted by chapters, and i will aim to have a new chapter up every week at the latest. Hopefully i can produce much faster than that. I am open to suggestions, comments, and critisism. I encourage you all to discuss what you predict will happen in the next chaper. If you enjoy the story, please share it with your friends!

*Please note that there is a small possiblility you will find some content inapropriate. I will try to keep most of it as kid friendly as possible, but im writing this as a young adult novel.*

                                                                                  Map of Jade Island


                                                  (Sorry i could not figure out how to post picture without using a link)


                                                                                      Chapter One

      Skemm stood at the top of the mast railing of his warship. With one foot on the deck of the ship, and the other on the railing, he stared off at the land in the distance. He was very tall, had huge broad shoulders, and quite frankly, looked like what you would imagine when you heard the legends of titans. His long black hair and beard blew in the gentle ocean breeze. His heart burned with a feeling that many warriors knew. He was about to enter a war, and claim what he believed he rightfully deserved. 

     This man had been a warrior his entire life. He was feared by all for his merciless personality and utter cruelity. He has slain thousands of inocent men, women and children, asll on his question for power and wealth. He has conqured many lands as well. He never wanted to be a king. No, instead, he traveled the land with his army of raiders, burning anything, and anyone who crossed his path. 

     Skemm stepped away from the dark wood railing, and went to his private quarters. Despite being a horrifying man, he still enjoyed peace and quiet. His men could make quite a ruckus. He studied the map of his next target. His men had come across a boat patrol. At first they had not been to willing to hand over their maps, boats, and valuables. However, a few hours later, a dead crew (All of which beheaded by Skemm himself after his men had rounded of all of the guards who has surrendered.), and a few missing fingers, and a smashed nose, the captain was all too willing to hand over any and everything they had. Infact, the captain had been willing to even go so far as to give as much knowledge as he possed about his countries, military, economy, and where the most valuables were located. As valuable as the captain had been, Skemm was the type of person who got bored quickly. Once all of the needed materials were located from the captain's boat, his head was quickly seperated from his shoulders, and was thrown into the abyss of the ocean.

      Now, Skemm stuided his map quietly. He already had plans forming of the best route to take through this new land. His first destination was a fishing town called Arrowstar. Here, he planned to plunder this small, but wealthy town for all of its fishing wealth. 

     For a brief moment, a rare event occured. Skemm's lips parted and formed a smile. He could almost taste the gold he was going to earn. Haha yes indeed, the Kingdom of Jade Island, would fall to him.


"Pull you useless bastard, pull!" Ivon had probably heard those words shouted at him a thousand times by now. At least this time Boothe did not include a pint full of his saliva in the statement. Who could blame him though, being an old man with missing teeth could cause that.

     Ivon pulled with all his strengh to lift the fishing net out of the water. When the net finally cleared the railing, he looked down at the contents inside the net. He grinned at the sight of a netfull of Red Snapper. At least he would not be hungry tonight. Boothe only paid you if you brought in a fair amount of fish. He threw the net over his shoulder and went over to Boothe. He dropped the net of still writhering fish in front of Boothe. "What?", Boothe snarled at Ivon. "My gold please. This looks like more than enough catch combined with what I pulled in earlier. I believe i deserve my pay." Ivon stated calmly back. He was used to this type of treatment. He has now been working for Boothe for nearly five years, ever since the war ended. Not to mention before that, he was a general in the Jade Army. Simply put, Ivon knew how to take abuse. He had been taking it his whole life.

     "Bah, not enough mate. Gettin' harder every day to make a livin'", stated Boothe as he went back to gutting the fish tossing the deseried flesh into piles below deck. "Well Boothe, you haven't paid me for the last three days. If i dont get gold soon, I will be too weak to work for you. I cant even buy a loaf of bread anymore", stated Ivon. "Oh whatever you bastard, here take this" Boothe growled as he threw a bag of golden coins, the currency on the Jade Island, at Ivon. "Thank you very much for your genrosity sir, I cant thank you enough." Ivon said. He felt the bag, and knew he had hardly enough in that bag to last him for three days of food, much less any other items he may need. However, he knew better than to push Boothe any farther. The last thing he needed was to lose his fishing job. 

      "Go on, get out of here. Before i change my mind." Growled Boothe as he went back to hacking up his fish with his sharp cast iron cleaver. "Yes sir, right away sir" Ivon said respectfully.

     Ivon rushed off the fishing boat, that had been in the process of docking for the night right as he has managed to pull in his catch. He jumped from the side of the boat onto the rough wooden dock. Its amazing the dock still supported his wait, thought Ivon. It must of been nearing sixty years old. The boards supporting the walkway were slime covered and rotted. Anyday now they would give way under a person's weight, causing them to plunge into the crashing waves the hammered the rocky shore relentlessly, like they had a grudge against the rocks that could never he solved. 

     Ivon slowly walked up the long, twisted dirt path that lead to the market corner of Arrowstar. He counted his gold as he walked. "Hmp" he mumbled to himself. He possesed enough gold to supply himself with enough food for two days, three if he skipped his noon meal, which he almost always did anyway. He could also buy himself a new outfit, provided the price hasn't raised since he checked out the clothing market, which he knew it probably had.

     He stuffed the cheap leather bag of his labor into a pocket inside his out thigh pantleg. He checked to make sure his dagger was secure on his hip,and entered the market corner of Arrowstar. Familiar smells of burning fires, roasting meats, and the soft smell of the ocean he had grown to love. That was one thing in his life Ivon greatly loved. Infact, it was all he really had to love. It provided him with what he needed to live in this world. The winds it carried wispered soft songs on evenings such as these. Yes, the ocean was probably his best and only true friend.

      Ivon walked the streets deep in though, as he always tended to do. Too often he ignored the only good advice his father had ever givin him. "Ivon, never let your guard down on the street. Unless you want to get mugged and wake up bloody and everything you were carrying stripped away from you". Indeed, he had been mugged several times. There was never a shortage of desperate men looking for an easy target to help them get through these hard times.

    Hard times these were indeed. The Jade Kingdom had been at war for a long and painful three years against another distant kingdom who had sought to steal the thrown from the current king of the Jade Island. It took every able bodied man in the island to hold off the invaders. Many lives were lost. You could not find a person who had not lost someone close in that war. Luckly for Ivon, he had never been close to anyone in his life. He had been raised bu his father, who was either passed out drunk, or beating Ivon with any object he would get his ale influenced hands on. It became common for Ivon to sleep somewhere in the streets as a child. His father didnt care. Infact, he probably did not even notice.

   No one could really blame his father for becoming a drunk. He had three wives, all of which died of the plauge. Ivon had been born from the third one, though she had died as too young of an age for Ivon to recall. He often wondered about her, but all he could remember in his mind was the image of a smiling, beautiful blonde lady, who looked carefree and happy. 

     Ivon had also had four half sibblings, all from the first wife. The two brothers, from what he had learned from the local fisherman, died in a shipwreck during one of the worse storms ever remembered. His other two half sisters, had also both died from the plauge, along with their mother. Ivon had never had a chance to meet any of his sibblings, givin he was born after they died. So he could not really feel upset about their deaths.

     Deep in his thoughts, he was startled when a short, round man with a sweaty forehead and a fluffy, white beard spoke to him. "Are you stupid, young man?" He rudely asked. "What sorry, I didnt hear you," Ivon spoke quietly. He must have walked right up to the food vendor's stall without having realized it. It would make sense, he had been coming here to buy the cheap loaves of bread that were sold here at realativly cheap prices, considering the costs of everything now, for quite some time. "Would you like to make a purchase or not, street urchin?" the round mand asked impatiently. "I have a lot to be doing, and dont need to waste time having a bum like you stare like a retard at me for the rest of my night!" He nearly shouted. Ivon quickly paid for one loaf of bread, and walked away.

     As Ivon chewed down the rough, salty leatherly material the vendor claimed to be bread, he got lost deep in his mind as he headed to the quiet little beach-cove on the outer edge of Arrowstar. He started to think about his part of the war, as he always tended to do. He had been a general in the war. he had commanded a legion of Jade Warriors, and had fought and killed many of the invaders. He certianly had not signed up to be a warrior. He had been drafted into the Jade army, where he had been taught the way of the sword. He had taken many beatings, got many injuries, nearly died several times, but in the end, he had worked his way from recruit to general.  "Something to be proud of," his father would of hollared in between swigs of ale. Though, Ivon could see no pride in killing men. 

     His father. A thought he tried to keep out of his mind as much as possible. However, he could not keep the images from flowing through his mind, no matter how hard he tried this time.

      "Come here, you little piece of shit," He screamed across the small, log cabin he had lived in with his father. Ivon ran, he knew what it meant when his father yelled at him like that. He was prepared to beat him again. "I wont say it again!" He yelled at Ivon as he chased him around the room. Ivon screamed as his father jumped on top of him, and started beating his face with his small, but mighty fists. "Stop father, please stop!" Ivon had begged him. His pleas were pointless. The fists kept coming, with no break in between. This was one of the worse beatings.

    Ivon managed to climb out from under his father. His father would not let him go that easy though. He lunged at Ivon again, and Ivon shoved him. 

     As he kept walking, Ivon remember the sound of the wooden table breaking, the sound of bone breaking. Ivon stop. He shook his head rapidly and kept walking. He couldnt bare the thought of what came after.
Ivon aproached the narrow rocky path the lead to his quiet, peaceful cove. No one ever came down here, infact, no one really knew it existed except for him.  It was peaceful here. Only the sound of the crashing waves and the ocasional sand crab to keep him company. He had his own little wooden shack located down on the beack, out of the reach of the tides. He had built him entirely himself, with only driftwood and adbandoned fishing rope. Inside he had a little mat he had crafted from grass and small branches.  It smelt like rotting wood, mixed with salt, but it was home to him. He had lived there since the war had ended, after the army no longer had a use for his services. 

Ivon climbed into the wooden shack he called home. He had his few, but valuable provissions stored inside his shack. First of all, he kept a bag of jade emrealds. They were the gem that got Jade Island its name. Beautiful, pure, green jades. The best in the world could be found in the northern parts all over the island. While fighting in the war, Ivon had collected a bag full and brought them home back to the south, where there were few to no jades. Their wealth was in the rich soil and the bountiful seas. Ivon kept them mainly because he admired the beauty of the gems. However, if things ever got too bad, he could use them instead of the gold. They could supply him for quite some time. 

Another possession he treasured was his lucky ring. It had actually belonged to his mother from what he could gather from his father. After he had.... left his father, he took it with him from his father's collection of belongings. He always wore it during his time in the war, and kept wearing it to this day. He did not want to take it when he was working the fishing boats, however. He was certian he would lose it in the depths of the oceanic spray.

Last but certianly not least, was his jade sword. It was a long broadsword, made of iron. Forged by Jade Island blacksmiths, it was one of the strongest swords known to Ivon. It was a realativly plain handle, but a beautiful, flawless jade embedded in the hilt made up for that. It had been the sword he was issued during the war, and he had fought every battle with it. That sword and him had been through alot together. Quite literally, the sword had been through...alot. It amazed Ivon such a beautiful object could be responsible for so many deaths. He had the standard issued Jade General armour set as well, but he had sold it long ago, to get him through some hard times. Besides, no one needs to lug around a sixty pound set of armour anyway. 

Ivon laid in his handcrafted home, and listened to the sound of the waves gently crashing into the shore. He shivered, and pulled some grasses up over him. Tonight was unusally cold. Most nights were quite warm on the south part of Jade Island. In the distance, Ivon heard the rumble of thunder. Sounded like a storm was common. They were quite common along the southren edges of the kingdom. They could get quite nasty. Ivon had never had trouble with one himself, but he knew from stories of fishermen that if it got too bad, he could wake up underwater. 

Ivon tucked away his belongings, made sure he had his dagger at the ready. You could never be too safe. Being a general during a war taught you to sleep lightly or get a knife in the head while you slept. He had seen it happen more than once to leaders in his army. 

He decided to close his eyes and try to fall asleap before the main part of the storm hit, that way he could pick up a few hours of solid rest. He would need it tomorrow if the storm was still raging. Boothe made you work all day everyday, even during storms. Ivon could only recall two days since he had been working under Boothe that he had called off a day of fishing. Boothe may be an arse, but he knew how to make profit. Even pushing his workers as hard as he did, there has never once been a causality of one of his men. Pretty impressive by most standards.

Deep in his own thoughts, Ivon fell asleap listening to the gentle rain bounch off his roof, and to the distant rumble of thunder.


"No father, stop!" Ivon begged, blood pouring out of his face. His left eye was nearly swollen shut. "Come here you little piece of shit!" His father yelled. He jumped on top of him and pounded on him more. Ivon climbed out from under him and shoved him at the wooden table they had in their little cabin. His father tripped and fell, and landed on the table with his neck hitting the edge. There was the sound of breaking wood and snapping bone.


Ivon sat up as quickly as possible in his hut. He banged his head on a wooden bracnch that was supporting the roof. Wincing, he rubbed his head and peered out of his hut. The Storm was in full force now, and he could see waves crashing into the beach underneath the bright moonlight. He would have to stay up and keep an eye on the storm now. So much for a good night of sleep.

While sitting and listening to the rage of the storm, Ivon heard what sounded like a scream. He dismissed it idmediatly. There is no reason someone would be screaming at ungodly hours in the middle of a raging storm. Again he heard it though. This time much clearer and certianly much closer. He instantly stuffed his belongings into his pockets, and grabbed his sword. Again he heard people yelling. He stepped out of his hut, sword in hand. 

What ivon saw confused him at frist. He saw what apeared to be four people running across the beach, and behind them were two armed when in chain mail armour. He could see the people were clearly terrified. Suddenly, one of the runners, a young boy tripped. The other runners stopped and turned. A young male in the running group turned to help him, but was grabbed by the older man who pulled him away and kept running. "Robin, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I love you!" Yelled the boy who was being dragged away. The older man turned the young boy around and they kept running just as the two men both ran their swords through the boy who had tripped and fallen. He gurggled blood up, and was quickly dead.

     Ivon had had enough of watching. Whoever those men were, they had no reason to brutaly murder a young boy. Ivon ran out into the rain, sword in hand, and charged at the two men, who were just starting to pull their blades out of the now dead Robin. Ivon had already beheaded the first soldier by the time they saw he was there. The second soldier was faster. He pulled his sword out and cut Ivon's arm. It was not deep enough to cause much damage, but it hurt like hell none the less. Ivon swung at the man, but he parried it away with a surprising amount of skill. Ivon swung again, this time at the soliders sword hand. Ivon's sword quickly disconnected the hand from the arm, and with a final swift movement, Ivon finished the man swiftly with a stab to the chest.

Ivon knew inside that whatever this was, wasnt something small. He ran in the direction that the group had ran. He was able to see their footprints under the light of the moon. He soon found then cowering in a small cave that went inside the rocky hill that formed the cove. "Please," the girl in the group begged. "Dont hurt us! We dont want to die, just let us go, please!" She pleaded, almost crying. "Im not here to hurt you, not get up and follow me. If there is more of them, they will likely we coming, and they will find us very easy here. I know a spot, follow me!" Ivon yelled at them, loud enough to be heard over the madness of the now raging storm.

The spot Ivon planned to lead them was a cave close to the ocean. It normally was not in the water, but now, the water has rose knee deep around it. They group waded out into the ocean, trying not to fall in the waves. The ocean grabbed at them, threanening to pull them under. "This way," Ivon yelled and pointed. There, in the middle of the raging storm, sat a small cave, that was partly underwater. "This will have to do, those people will never dare come out into this water! I only hope it doesnt fill up with us inside!" Ivon commanded.

With the salt burning at the wound on Ivon's arm, they waded over to the cave, and got as far inside as they could go without going underwater. "The sun should rise in an hour or two, we can see if its safe to leave then! For now though, we stay and and wait it out. If for some reason we have to leave, grab hold of each other and follow me. Do not get seperated!" Ivon ordered them.

They held on tightly to each other, shivering. Whether it was from the cold or the fear, none of them knew. Ivon guessed it was most likely both. The younger male started mumbleing to himself, probably praying. To Ivon, it seemed like the right thing to do as they sat there, waiting for the sun to rise, and watching as Ivon's blood turned the water pink under the light of a now almost fullyhiddin moon.

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If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!


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    Hope you all enjoy the first chapter! Planning on the second being out sometime soon! Im open to suggestions and feedback! All I ask is that you keep it related to the Story! Please no discussing other topics!
    Proud Recruiter of Empire of Vor, A fast growing alliance on USA1!
    Im quite an honest person. If you are offended by me, tough for you.

    If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!
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    Proud Recruiter of Empire of Vor, A fast growing alliance on USA1!
    Im quite an honest person. If you are offended by me, tough for you.

    If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!
  • Hey all, hope all of you who have read it like the first chapeter! Im hoping after a few chapters, the support and fans of the story pick up and lots of people comment and discuss it!

    Expect chapter 2 within 3 days or less!
    Proud Recruiter of Empire of Vor, A fast growing alliance on USA1!
    Im quite an honest person. If you are offended by me, tough for you.

    If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!
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  •                                                                              CHAPTER 2

         Skemm stood on the wide streets of Arrowstar. There was river of crimson colored rainwater flowing away from the massive pile of bodies of the once lively citizens of Arrowstar. They had not put up much of a fight. Arrowstar was poorly defended. They had no battlements of any kind, and very few trained guards. Skemm had only lost four of his men during the quick night raid, plus two who has mysteriously disapeared when they had chases some survivers onto the beach. They had been able to murder most of the citizens in their homes, most of which were sleeping. No man, women, or child was spared. 

         Skemm, as cruel as he was, still liked to stand by himself and admire his work, if it was even possible, showing some form of respect to the human beings he had murdered worse than livestock about to be butchered.

         "Master Skemm, we have searched the entire town. All of the valuables have been loaded onto our war ships. There are no signs of any survivers," Skemm's soldier said. Skemm looked off into the blood red rising sun, off to where his ships were anchored. " Good. Tell the men you are all allowed to now take whatever you can carry from whats left in this town. After that, torch this shit hole." Skemm ordered in a low, but commanding voice. 

         "Yes sir, right away sir!" His soldier said as he ran off. He was a good soldier, but he would have to die edventually. Skemm knew that if you went too long without enforcing your authority onto your men, they could rebel against you. That soldier was well liked he knew, and killing him for some stupid reason in front of his men would reenforce his authority once more.

         Skemm turned back to the body pile, and stared quietly as he watched a river of red flow from it, and he began to smell the smoke of the burning houses.


         Ivon and his new found companions ran through the countryside, trying their best to advoid the painfully sharp tropical plants that grew along the southern edge of the Jade Islands. Ivon had ordered the group to run at first light, once they saw that Arrowstar had been left to burn. "Who were these men?" Ivon asked himself over and over. They were not the invaders from the great war. They had worn iron plate armour in battle. Besides, they had been defeated, and a new king had taken over what was left of their kingdom. No, they men were diffrent. They wore chainmail, and some choose to wear helments with horns that reminded Ivon of the childhood stories of demons he had once heard.

         They were also cruel. More cruel than the invaders had ever been. Ivon and his group had witnessed the pile of bodies. No one was spared. It was horrifying. They had snuck out of Arrowstar while the men were looting the homes for anything of value they could find. They had to ignore the sounds of pain, and of the surviving womens screams as their bodies were put through horrifying defilement. These men were certianly the cruelest Ivon had ever encountered.

         At last, after and hour of running through a tropicial hell, they arrived to a large palm tree, where they set up camp under. 

         After sitting underneath the tree and catching their breath, the group was finally able to meet each other. First, it was the older man who spoke "Drake," he said as he extended his hand for Ivon to shake. "I ran the old weaponsmith shop in the market corner. Someone by the grace of god, I was able to run abd not be caught by those savage demons who slauthered all of those people. I can not thank you enough for helping us. We would of died without you," Drake said in a deep, commanding voice. 

         Drake was tall with a fairly bulky build. He looked mid fourties. He had short black hair that rose straight up. He also fashioned a small beard on his chin. He had a large face overall, with a large forehead. He was the type of man that commanded attention when he spoke. You could tell he was self cofident when he spoke.

         Next in the group to introduce themself was that girl. She apeared to be Ivon's age, (mid twenties) and had long blonde hair. Underneath the dirt and blood that covered her body, she was strikingly beautiful to Ivon. He was more on the tall side, and had a thin body with long legs. 

         The girl said "Astrid," and shook Ivon's hand. "I can not tell you how thankful we are for what you did. We would of been killed without you. They likely would of raped me. I cant tell you how grateful I am," She said, and then huged Ivon. "I watched them murder my entire family... My brother,... my parents.... I watched and.... and... I didnt help," She said there sobs. "What kind of person am I to sit and watch? They cut off my brothers head right in front of me! I watched!" She screamed loudly through tears.

          "Its ok. Your safe now. Everything will be ok Astrid," Ivon said and pulled her close to him. 

         Astrid countined to sob in Ivon's arms. Ivon held her, and looked over at the younger boy. He had to only be sixteen. He was thin, realativly short, and have long, blonde hair that fell over his forehead. He had a pointy, elf like face, and ocean blue eyes.

        "Hello young man, what would your name be" Ivon said as he put a hand on his back. The boy said nothing, only stared. "Is everything ok? What is wrong," asked Ivon in a calm and patient voice. The boy kept his stare, but mumbled one word. "Brother", he said. "Brother?" Asked Ivon. "What are you talking about?" The boy turned and looked Ivon directly in the face and said "They murdered my brother... On the beach. I saw what they kid to Robin." He said. 

         "What is your name?" Ivon asked quietly. "Francis," The boy replied at a wisper without taking his gaze off of a distant mountain. 


         They camped there that night, underneath the large palm. Ivon had refused to let them light a fire, despite the cool moist breeze that had set in. Fire was too dangerous to have. Ivon had no clue what was happening, but he knew those men were not finished with their genocide. They would be killed if they were found, simple as that. Ivon's military instincts alone were able to pound that into his head. Fire would draw attention from everyone within a mile radius. For all they knew, the invaders could be marching a few hundred yards from them. Instead, they buried themselves in leaves and snuggled up clsoe togther to keep warm. 

         Ivon was no stranger to sleeping like this. He has spent many a night this way, and overtime, learned to sleep nearly anywhere. There was once a time he had to sleep in a mud pile when he was fighting in the eastern edge of Jade Island, because the east was mostly swamps. It was either the mud, or be eaten alive by mosquitos the size of marbles. 

         Sometime throughout the night, Ivon and his group heard shouting, then screams somewhere off in the distance. Astrid woke up and started to silently cry. It was obvious to Ivon that she was experiencing extreme guilt, as well as shock and depression. Ivon couldn't blame here. It would be hard enough for a battle hardened soldier to handle what she went through, much less a young women who had never seen a battle in her life.

         Edventually, the screams stopped, and the night turned back to normal. No one could really sleep after that, and Ivon help his sword close to his side the rest of the night. He stared up at the night sky, with Francis on his side, keeping him semi-warm. He loved stars. They were like the ocean to him. Always there to keep him company, whether it was after one of his father's beatings, or while he was waiting for a battle. They were peaceful and calming to him. 

         Ivon said and thought while he waited for dawn to arrive. First he thought of the group he had rescued. Francis, the broken young boy. Astrid, the beautiful but shattered women, and Drake, the quiet weaponsmith. Out of them all, Drake seemed like the most level headed and focused. He knew that if it came to it, he could rely on him the most during a fight. 

        Ivon's thoughts shifted to the invaders. Images of red and headless bodies laying in the streets flashed through his head. The scream's of their victims bounced through his mind. His home had probably been found and most likely burnt as well, along with the rest of the town. "How could men do such horrible things?" Ivon asked himself. His entire life, he had spent seeing the evil of man, and what they were capable of doing out of greed and lust. "Humans are the parasite of this earth," And old fisherman had once told him. Prehaps he was right. All people seemed capable of was horror.

         Ivon decided to stop mulling in depressing thoughts, and focus on what to do to get out of this situation. All of them, even Drake, were counting on him to get them out of this. He had the most experience navigating and fighting. It was up to him, and only him to get them out of this hell.

         Ivon pictured the map of the Jade Island in his mind. He had spent many hours studing tactical maps, and knew by heart most of the kingdom. He had been to almost every part of it at some point. They were somewhere along the very southernmost point of the Island. Directly north of where they currently were, at the base of Xost Mountain, lied the Jade Island Kindgom outpost called Wolveshire. That was the closest place that would be most secure against the invaders. It had the mountain at its rear, and high walls around the rest of it. These invaders would have a very hard time trying to get inside of it. It should have a decent army, instead of a poorly organized militia like Arrowstar.

         Ivon decided this is where they would travel. Along the way, there would likely be a few small villiages. However, he planned to stay well away from those. They would be magnets for the invader's armies. They would attack and pilliage them for easy wealth and supplies. Yes, better to stay far away from them. There was nothing Ivon and his group could do to help anyway. With this thought in his mind, Ivon drifted off into a light, troubled sleep.


         "Wake up guys, time to move!" Ivon shouted at his sleepy group. The group, tired but alert, rised almost instantly. "I have a plan on how to get out of this mess. Just north of here, there is an Outpost called Wolveshire. They have secure battlements, and a decent sized army. That is the closest location to use that stands a chance of sheltering us." Ivon stated matter-of-factly. "But Ivon," said Drake. "That is a three day walk, two if we really push it, but with your arm and the invaders patroling every inch of these woods, it could take us up to four!" Ivon was quiet for a moment then said "Do you have a better idea? I know this plan isnt perfect, but we have no other choice. Its that, or we end up like whoever those soldiers found last night. Your choice." Ivon said darkly. 

         For the first time since they got together, Astrid spoke up "I agree with Ivon. We have no choice, Drake." Drake scowled at Astrid, "Whatever, girl. I guess we gow ith Ivon's plan." Drake growled. "Francis, you up for it bud?" Ivon asked him. Francis only nodded, and that was it.

        The group began walking into the thick tropical brush. Ivon pulled out his sword and began slashing the think thorny stuff out of their way. He arm wound was really painful at this point. However, he was not about to stop and waste the group's time. They kept pushing on through the green hell. Ivon slashed branch after branch under the hot southren sun. They were covered in cuts, bruises, and sweat. 

         "Son of a bitch," Drake yelled. The group turned to see what was wrong and Asrid gasped when she saw there was a branch covered in throns buried deep in Drake's forehead. "Can someone get this bastard out of my head? Hurts like bitch!" Drake complained. Ivon walked over and gently pulled it out slowly but firmly out of his head. 

         "I think its time we take a break. We have been walking for atleast six hours. We need to find some water and rest for a few minutes." Ivon suggested. They were all in agreement, even Drake. Ivon sat with Drake on a large mossy rock, and helped him use a strip of fabric to wrap up his forehead to stop the blood from running on Drake's face.

         After that, Ivon laid back on the rock and streched out. He winched as his arm shot an arrow of pain through his body. Astrid noticed while coming back from collecting water from a nearby stream using her leather water sack. "What happened to your arm?" Astrid asked as she came and sat next to Ivon and gave him some water. "Got wounded during the fight with those soldiers. No big deal." Ivon replied. "Let me see it," Astrid said. "No, I'm good." Ivon replied. "Ivon, quit trying to be the hero. It could be infected. You can't lead us out of here if your arm falls off." Astrid spoke cofidently. 

         Ivon put his arm over by Astrid. Astrid took it, and pealed away the clothing from his upper arm, right below his shoulder where the wound was. As the cloth was pealed away, there was a soft, sticky sound and a terrible smell.

         "Good god, Ivon. Have you treated this with anything?" Astrid replied slightly paniced. "No, havent had time yet." ivon replied. "Wait here, I'll go get you something to treat this!" Astrid said as she ran off into the nearby brush. 

         She was quite beautiful indeed, Ivon thought. Ivon had never once loved a girl. Come to think about it, he had never really came to love anyone his entire life. He did not plan to start now. Love is what got you killed. Love distracted you from your goal. No, it was better to leave the loving to the nobles.

         "Here Ivon, rub this on it. Its called Crab Leaf. Grows everywhere around the ocean coast in the south." Astrid said as she handed a small, bright green leaf to Ivon. Ivon took it and smashed it up, then rubbed it around the wound. "Thanks Astrid," Ivon replied. "Should help clear up any infection you may have. Also will heal it up quickly." Astrid stated knowledgably. Ivon stared at her. "Where did you learn about these plants?" Ivon asked curiously. 

         Astrid looked off and you could tell she was trying to not tear up. "My mother," was all she said. "Oh, im so sorry Astrid. I did not mean to bring that up." Ivon said worried. "Its fine, no big deal really. You didnt know." Was all Astrid said as she walked away and went and sat by Francis. 

         Behind them, Drake sat quietly, sharpening a piece of tropical wood with a sharp edged rock he had found. "So, you and Astrid, huh." Drake said teasingly. "Not me," Ivon said. "I'm not looking for love. It is a waste of my time. Loving something or someone is a weakness. A vulnerablity." Drake stared at him. "Hmp, one day you will realize, love is the only thing worth living for on this shit hole of a world." He said darkly, while countinueing to sharpen his stick into a spear. 

        Ivon thought about this and then asked "Were you ever married?" Drake looked at him, then back down to his spear. "Once a long time ago," Was all he replied. Ivon did not push any further. Drake clearly did not want to discuss it, from the angry look he held on his face as he focused on the spear.

         Once he felt the spear was as sharp as it was going to get, Drake asked "Francis, can you come here for a minute young lad, I need your asstiance." Francis got up from beside Astrid without saying a word and walked over to where Drake stood. "I need your help fire hardening this spear point. Fire hardening is a trick the very first people of this island used to strenthen their spears before they learned to make swords." Drake said to Francis, is almost a fatherly voice. "How do we do that?" Francis asked. 

        Ivon realized that was probably the most Francis had spoken since they had been together. "Follow me over to this fallen tree. See that nice little grove in the bark? The spear tip fits nicely inside of it. Your going to help me slide it back and forth in that grove fast enough to make it smoke. The friction of the compressed burning spear point will harden it significiantly." Drake instructed. 

         Ivon watched from a distance as they began to fire harden the spear. After watching for a few minutes, Ivon decided he should make himself useful. Astrid was collecting plants and putting them in a sack she carried on her side. Ivon concluded they were probably medical plants that they may have a use for later.

         He walked over to a stream and carried the water skin in his hand. He bent down into the water to fill up the skin when he noticed something odd. The water apeared to be slightly red. Curious, he followed the river upstream. He had to climb up and over a huge boulder that was blocking his path. What he saw on the other side was a horrifying scene.

         There was a pile of atleast twenty bodies, all of which were headless, laying piled partly in the flowiung stream. Even more terrifying, was the rows of wooden stakes that lined the side of the creek, each with the head of one of the bodies stuck firmly on top of it. On closer inspection, Ivon could see that the group of dead apeared to be a caravan. Probably some merchants who had been heading either too or from Arrowstar.

        All if their carts had been stripped of any valuable, other than a few old smoked fish that had probably been overlooked. Then there was the smell. Oh god, the smell was horrible. There were flies buzzing all around the dead bodies. In this heat, it did not take long for the decaying process to begin.

        Ivon backed away slowly, and ran as fast as he could back to camp. "Guys, we have a situation," Ivon called out to the group. Quickly, they all rushed over, including Drake with his nice new spear. "What seems to be the issue, young lad? Drake asked casually. "Just follow me, and be quiet. They could still be around." Ivon ordered. He lead them down stream and up over the boulder.

         They all gasped when they saw the gruesome scene, even Drake. "Well then," Said Drake, "I say we check it out. They could have supplies." Ivon thought for a moment, then said "Suppose so. Everyone search through the mess as quickly as possible. Francis, can I trust you to keep watch while we look?" Francis nodded, and climbed up on a smaller boulder and watched around.

         Truth be told, Ivon did not want Francis to have to witness anything else at the moment. Of all of them, he seemed to be shattered the most. Probably worse than Astrid was even.

         Ivon and the group searched through the carts. They found nothing worth taking other than a few gold coins that they quietly stuffed into their pockets. Then they moved to the bodies. They pulled them down one at a time, and felt around to see if they had anything of use. It was gruesome work, but it was needed. The group had almost nothing they could use.

         Finally, Ivon found a dagger secured to the side of one of the bodies. He pulled it off, and walked over to Astrid. "Here take this, you may want it later on." Ivon said plainly. He was still a little confused as to why she had run off earlier when they had been talking. He felt as if it was his fault, which it probably was.  

         "Thanks Ivon, Ill definitly be holding onto it," Astrid said as she took it from his hand. As Ivon began to walk off, Astrid began to say something. "Ivon, I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier, It was your -" She was cut off as Francis, quietly but alarmingly said "There is a group of soldiers coming! We need to hide!" 

        Quickly, Ivon pointed at the huge boulder, and geastured for Francis to run behind it. Francis quickly ran over to it and climbed over it. Ivon then grabbed Astrid's hand, and they ran to the pile of bodies. They had no choice. They climbed into the pile of bodies and tried to blend in as well as they could. It was disgusting, and something warm ran down Ivon's forehead. He did not even want to think about what it could be.

         Drake, now fully aware of what was going on, dropped his spear on the ground, and ran over to the carts. He looked into it, than underneath it. He got on his hands and knees, and managed to secure hisself up off the ground under the cart. He was just in time, for a group of at least thirteen soldier's wearing the same gear as the other's had been, came walking down a path in the woods. They were laughing and having a merry old time as they drank from container's of ale and told dirty jokes.

         They came marching down to the pile of bodies where Ivon and Astrid were hiding. Astrid took Ivon's hand into hers. There was really nothing romantic about this. They were both terrified, even Ivon. Together, they laid hiding in the pile of bodies, as they listened to the soldiers stand and laugh.
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    Im quite an honest person. If you are offended by me, tough for you.

    If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!
  • Great Story!

    Haven't read it yet but everyone else says it is a good story so I will assume they are right.

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  • Great Story!

    Haven't read it yet but everyone else says it is a good story so I will assume they are right.

    Haha much apreciated.
    Proud Recruiter of Empire of Vor, A fast growing alliance on USA1!
    Im quite an honest person. If you are offended by me, tough for you.

    If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!
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    Proud Recruiter of Empire of Vor, A fast growing alliance on USA1!
    Im quite an honest person. If you are offended by me, tough for you.

    If your into action/adventure stores, you will love my story called "The Jade Flames", which can here read using this link https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/us/discussion/309370/the-jade-flames-story?new=1    <------------- L00K!!!
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