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We need new Moderators!

ModeratorWe are always on the lookout for talented people to join the team. That means you! If you think you could help us organise and inform the community while entertaining everyone then apply. We need people to help out on the forum, behind the scenes with announcements, on Discord and on our other Social Media channels.

If this is something you think might be of interest to you, HERE

Hotfix for the hotfix

As CM Arcanine has said. There is an error that was brought on with this recent hotfix. For more details on that view CM Arcanine's announcement https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/308837/post-hotfix-issue-23-05-2016

I want to ask you, Steve. 

You said in the post linked above:

"If we had not performed the Hotfix, several events would have had the wrong rewards presented, something that you guys would definitely not benefit from. "

Several events that would start after the hotfix, correct? 

Several events that would have started after the short downtime we had with no events, right? 

Can you explain to me why the hotfix could not have been done between the end of Spring/WoR and the start of the new Spring and Samurai events? As I remember there was at least a full hour of downtime with no events, and that is less time than it took you guys to perform the hotfix. Surely the hotfix could have been performed at a time when no events were active, right? 

Can you explain to me why they cannot fix the castle icon now? They had no problem doing a hotfix in the middle of the most tense time of an event, but they can't do it now when the new event has just started?

Unless you're outright lying to us about the reason for the hotfix there is absolutely no reason the hotfix could not have been performed during the short time we had with no events active. 
perryl @ USA1 
Perryl @ UK1 and AU1. Will be back on UK1 soon. 

@ me or don't expect a response. 

Chasing the goalpost since 2014. I discovered GGE through a Dogecoin faucet rotator. Don't know what that is? No big deal, those are gone in 2018 2020. A long break was good. Highly recommended. I got too drunk and forgot why I hated GGE and took a break in the first place. So, here I am again. 

2020 - Not dead yet.

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