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Dopness2's Great War

hi everyone

dopness2 has been in a big war lately

we are at war with 30 alliances right now and we need all the help we can get with the war

we are winning the war but there is too many alliances for us to handle destroying

will anyone help us?




  • well they mostly from level 8-30

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • I will put the list on here in a few minutes

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • Kool Aid Gang

    Harry stans

    team shrek

    Zombies of Doom

    The Bookworms



    I slay



    Team lit


    The chaos

    Devil kingdom

    Best Friends


    skeleton bros.

    norwilk beehive





    that's some of the alliances we are at war with

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • Cat Mario




    Sikh team


    black panther1

    the landers

    there is some more of the alliances/players we are at war with/ main hitters

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • the alliances may be small but its a hornets nest there

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • dudes

    the bookworms

    cat mario

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • breaking news from the great war

    now we are the only one on dopness2s side left and our enemy has only 2 alliances left

    we are winning the war and we don't need help with the 2 alliances left

    alliances dudes and zombies of doom are the only ones that are left in the war

    they has sabatoged us and attacked us a lot but I have sent 50+ attacks out to them in the last 3 weeks

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • well we had a lot of allies helping in this war and now its grumpy dopness2 vs zombies of doom and dudes

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • are you sure it's a war....or just a few smaller alliances trolling you for fun?  LOL
  • This will obviously turn into the next Server War guys. Level 20 players will compete for the Royal Capital while us Level 70's deal with many a gnat attack.
    sheeppie, Level 70, Legend 62, Treasurer, Aerth Legion
    Proud non-ruby buyer. Fifteen years ago, if someone told you that you'd be paying money for red pixels you'd have thought they were crazy.

    Achieved THE FEARLESS without spending a single dime on rubies!


  • Huh, glad I stopped bugging ya'll, server warfare is the next big thing... #pactednowtho
    I have hacked joseph719, I'm not what America wants, I'm what America NEEDS!


    (My ideas are to give everyone Bat throwing stars, crime rates will drop rapidly, first few weeks they will spike about 1,000% percent, then it will be fine)
  • yes this is getting to be a ugly war we are in

    another alliance joined the war and they been many attacks involved lately

    in the last day I have caught at least 20 spies in my castles

    its in our control

    last thing we need is to have many more join the war we are in

    a few minutes ago I got in a argument with the ones we are at war with and it got bad

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • yes we need help

    we need someone to destroy the alliance called "dudes" and its led by hendersoc

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

  • if that alliance surrenders then its a big chance that the war will be close to over

    we are finishing zombies of doom and they should surrender soon but dudes is the only alliance that's standing still

    :) JRBRITTAINUSER @ usa 1

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