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Game down (Spilgames server)

At this moment the Spilgames server is down for more than 2,5 hours. We receive the message that their would be maintenance

For me this is not normal to have the game down for such a long time

I have exactly 45 minutes before around 15k of soldiers will be lost because of this

Gossie @ spilgames int_1
Finally back where I belong in Legion


  • spilgames server still down, this in combination with last sunday makes it atractive to play :-((
    ridderarry @ nl 1 / kuzka77 @ spilgames int_1 server (Sword int)
  • Goselotje (NL1)Goselotje (NL1) Posts: 290NL1
    I just read the reactions at spel.nl. Game is down since 10:30.
    Tomorrow is Kingsday in Holland, so Spilgames will not work, also not to solve the problems they make by themselves.
    Last 2 times I had to wait 3 weeks before I received what I lost ( and not received) and I am not going to accept another 3 weeks. Enough is enough. The game is no longer worth it to spend rubies for!!
    Gossie @ spilgames int_1
    Finally back where I belong in Legion
  • Goselotje (NL1)Goselotje (NL1) Posts: 290NL1
    16:05 game is working again, a lot of members in my alliance lost thousands of soldiers
    Gossie @ spilgames int_1
    Finally back where I belong in Legion
  • 7k quality soldiers lost, not starved just disappeared. I'm on the spilgames server.
  • on usa 1 it happend i lost so many troups its not funny 
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  • Goselotje (NL1)Goselotje (NL1) Posts: 290NL1
    I did hear from other players also that a lot of soldiers dissapeared and not because of the food.
    only thing you can do is to write to spilgames support ([email protected] or http://support.spilgames.com/hc/en-us)

    I was just on time, had between 1 and 5 minutes left in all my castles and for not losing 15k soldiers I had to buy food with rubies. In my opinion Spilgames should also compensate these costs.

    Gossie @ spilgames int_1
    Finally back where I belong in Legion
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