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NL1 down

my view is brown or on an other browser the game kept loading.

k1027 @ nl 1


  • Henriette1608 (NL1)Henriette1608 (NL1) Posts: 28NL1
    edited 24.04.2016
    yep gge is working great again!!!!
    with all the sols whe have a little food problem at the moment .
    and without a fight they will walk out the backdoor
    Henriette1608 @ nl 1
  • i think not only the nl1 server is down 
    ridderarry @ nl 1 / kuzka77 @ spilgames int_1 server (Sword int)
  • k1027 (NL1)k1027 (NL1) Posts: 47NL1
    no, it 's a world wide problem.
    I hope they can fixed it today, but it is sunday... :'(
    k1027 @ nl 1
  • ik hoop binnen een uur anders kost het me zeker 12k aan troepen of meer

    ridderarry @ nl 1 / kuzka77 @ spilgames int_1 server (Sword int)
  • Time to figure out how to resolve this GG and compensate now in  a proper way.
    With a major tournament running like the alliance tournament with a nice price for being 1st and not able to battle for 1st place.

    The One @ nl 1
  • en 1 is also down
    paul furnell @ en 1 new leader of the musketeers we are back rebuilding what was lost.
  • 3sT (NL1)3sT (NL1) Posts: 28
    Server down worldwide?

  • k1027 (NL1)k1027 (NL1) Posts: 47NL1
    @3sT (NL1) yes, it's a worldwide problem

    k1027 @ nl 1
  • Looks like the authentication server is down, based on the statements read on the forum. If you are in, you can still play, but you can´t re-enter. Seen that before several times.


  • can't acess gg empire.

  • leuk he pfffffffffffffffff hoop dat GGE optijd rest gaat doen. 
  • k1027 (NL1)k1027 (NL1) Posts: 47NL1
    it's solved
    k1027 @ nl 1
  • Joyfull 360

    Het lijkt wel of ze een nieuw Nl 1 zijn gestart.

    Dit kan niet waar zijn

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