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A Little Truth About Fleur de Sel

I started the game in June 2015, and made the poor decision to join Fleur because I liked the name.  I spent my first few months building castles and fortifying myself against attack, and occasionally participating in events.  I quickly rose to a level 50 and drew the attention of several level 70's who took great delight in thumping me and telling me I didn't know anything about how to play the game, and "invited" me to learn from"real" players.  I took offense and launched my own personal attack on one of them.  I lost 7 battles but captured 9 of his 16 RV's, which he promptly took back. As penance I spent a month with his alliance, where I really learned to play the game. When I returned, I found that my ideas and Graycats were profoundly different, and I could no longer remain, so I left.  Unknown to me several other players in the alliance had also gotten tired of Gray's lack of leadership, and incessant attacks on alliances who promptly attacked them in retaliation and incessant attacks on alliances who promptly attacked them in retaliation, and they also left.  When they invited me to join them, I did so. Back to Gray- I have since found out that Graycat has claimed responsibility for my attack, and has claimed credit for several other things which he/she(who knows for sure)had nothing to do with.  Now Gray is acting all abused and put upon, because we left and there is no one to put the blame on.  His/her posts indicate that the alliance is strong- many of the members haven't been on in weeks, or months, and Gray is surrounded by mostly level 20 and under players, who I really feel sorry for.  Look at the alliance description-it says we don't attack any OPs or labs or monuments.  Those who know, know this is a blatant lie.And we who are the target of the latest rant are tired of the vicious verbal attacks and the lies being spread about us. So here's to you Graycat, who proves that if you keep a seed in the dark and feed it enough manure, a mushroom will grow healthy and strong... 


  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    Congratulations, you've gotten an attack in on one of my inactive members who had always sent you support when you were in my alliance. If you chose war then just remember what happened to the last three traitors, and what I've always said.

    As iron sharpens iron, sensei (leader or teacher) sharpens student.

  • lol @ ray's post :)


    Member of "The People Who Have Lives"

    GGS's Definition of bullying:

    • Threatening someone/someone's family/relatives IN REAL LIFE (Usually results in a permanent ban)
    • Calling people excessively vulgar/racist/hateful words/names (Usually results in a 24 hour temp ban)
    Anything and Everything else is perfectly acceptable.

    For those of you who think capping/hitting Outposts, Monuments, Laboratories, Resource villages is bullying, go play farmville or mahjong. THIS IS A WAR GAME!!

    Got a problem with me? Just say it to my face.


    Quit the game on 1/14/17

  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    actually, that would be a pretty good addition to the thread, lol :wink: 
  • TannerM. (US1)TannerM. (US1) US1 Posts: 2,695
    So you're telling me your lack of knowledge under graycat made you suffer in-game?  

    Memory may be a little hazy but it's almost like a very handsome and intelligent young man told you that awhile ago.  I personally never would've believed it but i've been wrong before.   

    Best of luck to you guys.  
    nHIylr9gif = The battle plan

    The Ningdom now and forever - Serry 

    Hion has a small dink
  • Chill out on slaughtering Graycat guys, I'm sure there is a logical explanation for all this mumbo-jumbo.

    Clean main hit with excellent loot!
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