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Fixing Berimond

Pallu (IN1)Pallu (IN1) Posts: 569
edited 24.02.2016 in General Discussion

Here are some possible ways Berimond could be improved:

1). PO in green doubles as morale as well; IE, you get the same moral against BERI CAMPS ONLY that you have in PO, so if you have 150% PO, you get 50% more attack strength against Berimond invades, if you have 250% PO, you get 150% more attack strength.


2). Simply half the Berimond Camps strength, increase their level so we can use more tools, raise coins looted to at least 10k.


3). Keep everything the same, except you get say, 250-300 reputation per attack, and twice as much gallantry, and more coins looted.


4). Keep everything the same, except base rewards of off gallantry, and you can get all the rewards by getting say 30k gallantry total, and more coins looted.


A Pattern, Maybe? http://prntscr.com/9fceqb

My main castle: http://prntscr.com/9fcfmb


  • morale... I didn't think about it.. In Beri camp we have morale for effectiveness.. That's why casualities here are so high. 
    Bubik @ WWW 1
  • voldamort (GB1)voldamort (GB1) GB1 Posts: 46
    Please may i ask why it is not working i came on expecting to play it and it tells me out of time

    rgds voldamort
    voldamort @ en 1
  • Quite agree to all the suggestions put forth....

    Right now, personally for me, the biggest challenges being faced are the smaller tool slots (having to use Ruby tools) and Also the lesser number of coins.

    With the current coin returns, BM is a highly loss making undertaking for the players in terms of the coin balance.... And add to that too; consumption and the necessity of using ruby tools, makes this more of a loss than a profit for players.....

    Proud WM of NUKE HEADS
  • Well i am not getting my personal rewards in "BM" ... i have done hit bm camps more then 5 times but still only get first rewards other then that no rewards ... they are asking for 250 points .. i have get even more then 250 points in bm camp attack but still no rewards ..
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    Hey folks,

    Cheers for the feedback! This is exactly what we need. Specific and constructive feedback is super appreciated, thanks a bunch, I'll make sure it's forwarded :)


  • Hey folks,

    Cheers for the feedback! This is exactly what we need. Specific and constructive feedback is super appreciated, thanks a bunch, I'll make sure it's forwarded :)



    I'll try to be constructive, this is a double up of a post 18 hours ago in another thread and is more general than just Berrimod.  This is a fkn novel but have a read, some feedback in general on what I see as positives lately and a trend that is really really not cool, the negatives.....


    -Ice Casta
    -Sammy's Casta

    I was posting for a while and saw loads of others posting as well about all the event gear and not having event casta's.  Well we got them, cudos to GGE they are decent and made defending a realistic thing again.  This is a huge positive, Attacking is still overpowered however when we put 10k support in as an alliance it has a chance on the wall against 5th wave with these castas and also in the keep with the bonus's that they have.  Props to GGE for putting these in they are a very healthy addition to the game. 


    -Storage space.  We have the ability to get all this new equip, we have 0 ability to store it all.  This is a massive Issue that needs to be looked at.  I dont need another Comm or another Casta straight up, my biggest priority is storage space to keep all the new sets that are comming along. 

    Nomads/Sammys & now Berrimod?
    I saw an earlier post about reduction in coins for these events.  Ill be straight up, with the frequency of events etc and the tools required reducing the coin we get from the hits it's pretty insane to be reducing it.  GGE is a data driven company and I understand that.  I also see the data that is supporting this reduction from GGE's perspective.....  $$$$$$$$

    let me elaborate:-
    A maxxed Nomads/Sammy camp form memory we get 34-37k? in coin per hit.  usually myself and other's on the server do EVERYTHING we can to really pick the camps that are easier (24 wooden mantlets 34 wooden mantlets etc) to hit.  Economics of these events = 58 wooden mantlets at 810 coin a hit + 20 troops lost if you have a good set up at 150 coin each and your looking at a cost of 50k coin per hit.  So we get 35ish in return for the hit and we have to do another hit on a maxxed EW/BS tower to make up the coin to buy mantlets for the next hit.  Mantlets alone is at 47k coin per batch of mantlets for the hit call it 50k with rams as well. 

    To get a good result for our alliance we have to keep hitting, so we buy ladders/rams/mantlets and keep hitting.  Now your reducing coin......  That really effects the way the game economy works, it is forcing us into a position for these events that we have to put cash in to play if we want to keep contributing to our allinces score.  Franks/Seps/SC's/UT's/TB, every alliance on the server does these events as a group and every member of that group wants to get a good result for each other, I cant ask people to put in cash just to do an event though and keep up with the coin to get reso tools.  Its hard enough hitting all the other maxxed towers etc to keep the coin and the tools up but now reducing the coin.  Really?

    The armorer already disapears on the first day of Nomads/Sammys or the last day like CLOCKWORK.  I understand this, its to force people to buy ruby tools to participate in the event.  I don't complain, I plan around it.  I make mantlets 24/7 everywhere and build them up for these events as do members of Franks/SC/Chemists, heck the whole server. 

    Your reducing the amount of coins per hit directly impacts the ability of everyone to play in these events without spending cash on them.  I'm cool with someone spending to get the win, their choice.  But just to contribute to our alliances score in a meaningful way you want us to pay to do so is what im seeing. 

    Their are players in our alliance as their are in Franks and every other alliance on the server that dont put cash in.  These players dont generate as much revenue for GGE as someone like myself, I do put cash in, not huge like some but ill put it in and I wont run from that.  I want GGE to understand this, not mixing my words here....

    These players that dont put cash in are 10x more important than me or someone else that is putting cash in as without them I have no game to play and you have no paying customers. 

    I'm taking a step back here, I enjoy the adversery that exists between us, Franks and many others on the server, I enjoy it between different individual players when we are comparing how we are going and seeing different set ups.  its a very social game in that respect.  I don't enjoy some of those players being pushed out of the game and made redundant by these changes.  I dont know the data that GGE is looking at however I know that these changes to the economy of the game around sammy's nomads and now Berri offering bugger all coin are going to hurt those not putting in cash into the game the most. 

    This isnt good for me and it isnt good for GGE. 

    I understand that its hard to test every update.  I understand we make F*** up's in life.  I choose to judge people now not by the F*** up but by how they listen to constructive feedback aimed at making it so those mistakes are not repeated. 

    Alot of constructive feedback around casta's was happenign on the forum's about 6? months ago.  Took a while but it was worth the wait, the end result GGE delivered something that was a great addition to the game. 

    Please dont take 6 months to look into these changes.  New berri camps were only giving 10k of coins for a 50k coin spend on mantlets and troops.  This hurts all players a huge amount and really forces these events to be more rubie dominated.  As I said, someone wants to put in rubies for the win, go for it. 

    But just to participate, this really is hurting those that probably play this game the hardest and most activly the reso players.

    In my book steve, that is so out of line and when im posting this a second time and being told elsewhere your not getting constructive feedback when this has been up for 18 hours im a bit beyond it. 


  • Best thing to do right now is roll back the update, give everything used and lost back. Have it tested for qualitycontrol BEFORE releasing it.

    The most stupid thing to do is allowing this bug invested event to continue running. 

    Somehow GGS must take responsibility for their actions Steve, I mean it!!
    Please read these reviews of GoodGame Studios....


    This forum hardly works properly... We want the old one back!!
  • Boycott New Beri....and raise black flags over your camps/castles and ops in protest - you at gge want feed back....and yet you dont see it or acknowledge it or take action.

    Come on guys.....keep the players happy.....
    ozyshaz @ au 1
  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    @JJJJJJSK (AU1) Fantastic! Much appreciated, thanks for the really well thought out feedback. I'll read through it once I get the chance and forward it on to the team.

    @pcsurgeon (NL1) Sorry, but we won't be rolling any updates back. It's not bugged, it just needs some work apparently, which we need your feedback for. Once we know what you guys think is wrong with the event, we can forward it on to the team and see what we can get sorted.


  • artyrob (AU1)artyrob (AU1) AU1 Posts: 34
    i started the event with 350k coins.. but with hitting camps, and even hitting fully maxxed towers in bs and fp.. in between im down to 240k coins

    so constructive feedback would be return the coin bonus to the previous level.
  • @JJJJJJSK (AU1) Fantastic! Much appreciated, thanks for the really well thought out feedback. I'll read through it once I get the chance and forward it on to the team.

    @pcsurgeon (NL1) Sorry, but we won't be rolling any updates back. It's not bugged, it just needs some work apparently, which we need your feedback for. Once we know what you guys think is wrong with the event, we can forward it on to the team and see what we can get sorted.


    Steve, When is Nomad...I think after Berimond it is Foreign Event i hav spent so much money for manlets for nomad please tell when is Nomad
  • @JJJJJJSK (AU1) Fantastic! Much appreciated, thanks for the really well thought out feedback. I'll read through it once I get the chance and forward it on to the team.

    @pcsurgeon (NL1) Sorry, but we won't be rolling any updates back. It's not bugged, it just needs some work apparently, which we need your feedback for. Once we know what you guys think is wrong with the event, we can forward it on to the team and see what we can get sorted.



    Its started, the event has to run its coarse.  However some work is an understatement on this one, even more so when mixed in with the proposed changes. 

    Updates over time have had a flow on effect. 

    Previous example of this:-

    Nomads horsetails worth 5% Glory now, used to be 3%.  People work harder at farming nomads to get Horsetails. 

    FI to get the big glory totals you need to work at Nomads, the events are linked now, as an Alliance if you do well in Nomads your going to do well in FI's because of the horsetails.  Same as individuals. 

    From doing well in Nomads you have coin to tech everything etc etc.  From this doing well in nomads and having horsetails the active players even ruby players dont need to spend as much on buying 2-3 or 4 % banners to do glory hits in FI's.  This change in nomads has to have reduced the amount of cash people spend on banners for FI's and increased the cash spend in nomads.  I'm sure GGE can look at the data and will find a link here to support this. 

    You can do Nomads pretty much without spending if you PLAY HARD and farm actively.  Ruby players will always win, nothing wrong with that, it is to be expected.  However from Nomads the semi ruby or full reso players had a shot and were able to do well in FI's if they were smart. 

    New changes, what is the flow on effect here:-

    A reduction in coin will make it so you cant farm nomads without spending.  Plain and simple.

    This new update or series of updates, the flow on effect is you cant play without having to spend, it changes the coin economy of the game.  The coin I get from nomads often goes back into mantlets and tools from the armorer so i can keep hitting nomads to contribute to the alliance total and keep getting horsetails for the FI event. 

    Without that coin if its reduced, I cant keep recruiting troops to keep the suply up, cant keep buying tools from the armorer etc etc and it forces people into a pay to have the tools just to participate. 

    Pay to win, nothing against that, that is peoples choice.   However you shouldnt have to pay to participate.  That is the main gripe that I and many others I beleive have at the moment. 

    This new Berrimod with the tool slots on the wall etc etc you cant do it without ruby tools.  The leg reso is nice, but its cheaper coin wise for me to get this from RBC's etc even attackign other players with ruby tools would be cheaper i suspect if half smart about it.  Their is no positive to this change. 

    It actually removes the advantage that reso players have where they farm their towers more than ruby players so they have a small advantage in legendary reso that they can get.  Now the ruby players can get legendary reso from these events but the reso players cant participate because of the stupidly high tool costs and inability to do it without spending. 

    The changes are more than just one thing from this, they have a massive flow on effect and its all negative. 

    I know it cant be changed mid event, has to run its course, however after this event if sammys/nomads show up and the coin is changed that flow on effect is going to really hurt the game as it forces people that cant spend big into a corner. 

    I spend, not running from that, but these changes will put the spend required at stupid levels I cant justify, even more so when it is pushign the people I play with that dont spend out of the game and I dont have that social group of people anymore playing. 

  • @CM Arcanine

    This is a further breakdown of the cost for you. 

    $1.4k Coin
    Cost in sending the attack.  The camps are also a further distance than the Nomads/Sammys so the attacks take twice as long

    $6.7k Coin
    Troops lost, even if you put them all as the berri troops and round it to $150 coin a pop, these are a fairly good troops and its ok to assume eveyone is using them, if not your using a lower lvl troop and getting more losses. 

    $44.7k Coin
    Cost of tools, this is on one that I can hit with 24 mantlets middle and flank.  110 wall comm 90 range 80 mele with 20% flank gems and 45% CY.  (48 x 810 for mantlets, 13 * 430 for rams, 4 * 220 for ladders)  

    Total so far for the coin to hit one lvl 64 camp. 

    $52.8k in coin

    Not me making it up, screenshots to back it up and with a decent comm as well, stats have been given.   

    I get for hitting this camp..... drumroll please.....

    $3k coin!! and im rounding up

    So in total your looking at around an outlay of 50k coin per camp and the troop losses are 45 per hit with a decent comm doing the work.  That isnt sustainable for 95% of the people playign on the server. 

    If anything the return you get from these camps should be upped to 40-45k coin.  This event also has to be longer, its 5 days at the moment, but a 2 day event you cant keep up with the recruiting to hit enough to get all the rewards. 

    Change the dynamics please so it isnt hurting so much and forcing people into a situation where they have to PAY TO PLAY

    Nothing against pay to win, but pay to play is just stupid and unsustainable. 

  • I really do not understand why feedback is requested. 

    Feedback is what you use to fine tune something. What you need is a QC department and a good helping of common sense!

    As it has been stated you are completely changing the dynamics of the game for no reason other than to force players into spending more real money. Its pure greed and it is already costing you players and without players you have no business.

    The nomads issue still has not been sorted (yes you have said what you are giving but you have basically ripped people off from what they are actually owed without even mentioning compensation!) yet you want more feedback for another update that has not been fully thought out or tested.  How about every constructive bit of feedback you get you credit that player with 1k rubies as they are clearly doing a job you pay some one a wage for that is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

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