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New Berimond Sucks. Period.


1). Equipment

Pret-Techy, the new castellans effects are:

74% wall, 54% ranged, 54% melee, 14% moat, 49% early detect, 14% less resource lost, 15% Courtyard bonus, 10% troops on wall, 30% gate from hero

Max teched, it would probably look something like:

90% wall, 90% ranged, 90% melee, 22% moat, 70% early detect, 22% less resources lost, 15% courtyard, 10% troops on wall, 30% gate

It's weaker than the Samurai castellan, and FAR inferior to the Heritage of the North Castellan.

The Commander is all NPC only bonuses, pretty much. Nuff said.

2). Loot Sucks

I need coins to keep playing.

3). Berimond Camps are too Strong

Level 60 Berimond camp is way stronger than level 90 Nomad camp.... Makes no sense. At least make them level 90 so that we can use more tools....

4). A Deco!


I want more pretty decos.... maybe one at 1350 points, and a better deco at 5195?

A Pattern, Maybe? http://prntscr.com/9fceqb

My main castle: http://prntscr.com/9fcfmb

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