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Food shortages

I'm pretty sure a lot of players face food shortages, and I don't mind since if i came online at the right time i could have avoided it.the thing i do mind is that when i have vet flamers/comps and a load of other troops then why are the vet flamers starving to save the vet mace men/ x bowmen! I know the answer ofc GGS just want u to heal all the ruby troops in the hospital but it doesn't hurt to make a suggestion.

Either GGE need to create a 'priority' list of which troops die first in a food shortage where the troops with the highest taking priority and starve last or the player himself should be able to choose which die first (but maybe that would complicate stuff). 
Also the player should be able to choose which troops should go to the hospital first as i'm sick of having all my coin troops being thrown out of hospital for a load of ruby troops which i'm never going to heal.

Please let me know what you guys think.   :)
Sir Unknown UK1 


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